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Misc Reinstate Engineer's 2014 Season Update Mod 1.0

File to reinstate engineer's voice from Mr Pibb's 2014 mod.

  1. Mr Pibb submitted a new resource:

    Reinstate engineer's voice from Mr Pibb's 2014 mod - File to reinstate engineer's voice from Mr Pibb's 2014 mod.

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  2. I've been using a mod I made that removes the "Welcome to formula one 2013" intro voice. It does not affect any other sound or speech as far as I know. Been using it for a few months now.

    I'll upload it in a few minutes.
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  3. Joel


    How do you install this? What folder?
  4. Jrv01, what do you want to install?

    If you want to just remove the voice introduction, you need to install aagancia's mod. His mod is installed to the ..\f12013\audio\ folder.

    If you want to reinstate the engineers voice from my v0.5 season mod, then you need to either update the season mod to v1.0 or install this mod.
    If you update to v1.0 of my season mod you will get the engineer's voice back plus the intro speech removed.
    If you want to stay with v0.5 then you need to download this mod to get back the engineer's voice, then you will need to install aagaincia's mod to remove the intro speech.

    If you've got v1.0 of my season mod them there shouldn't be any problem. Let me know if you do.
  5. Joel


    Okay, that answers my question perfectly. Thanks so much!!