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Registrations for FSR 2011 are open

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. The waiting is over and you can finally sign up to the 2011 Formula SimRacing Season! Please note that you can only sign up for either the World Series or World Trophy category, NOT for the World Championship category. Registration for the WC will be done separately.

    Please check the Division Structure here: http://www.racedepartment.com/fsr-news-announcements/46305-fsr-2011-division-structure.html

    License Prices:

    Follow the registration instructions here: http://www.formula-simracing.net/component/content/article/358-registrations-instructions

    As soon as your registration is completed you will find your entry in the team list here together with the numbers and the team abbreviation needed to send in your files: http://www.racedepartment.com/fsr-n...cluding-numbers-abbreviations.html#post752968

    Free License according to last years standings:

    Mattias Stahre - free WS License
    Cyril Werdmuller - 50% discount on WS License
    Dimitri DeMatos - 50% discount on WS License

    Pedro Melim - free WS or WT License
    Allar Foht - 50% discount on WS or WT License
    Eduard Mallorqui - 50% discount on WS or WT License

    Precision Motorsports - free WS License
    Precision Motorsports 2 - 50% discount on WS License
    Twister Racing - 50% discount on WS License

    Precision Motorsports - free WS or WT License
    GT Omega Racing - 50% discount on WS or WT License
    Racing Factory - 50% discount on WS or WT License
  2. how many registration places???
  3. The World Series and World Trophy have unlimited places
  4. When registrating a new team I can´t see where to put for what division (WT/WS) I want this team to register ???
    Is there no drop-down for that?

    Sorry if I have been missing something.
  5. This comes in the first line of the Instructions sent with the payment:

    - League for which you are acquiring the licenses
    - Team Name, exactly as registered at GPCos
    - Team Manager Name (as per GPCos)
    - Driver 1 Name (exactly as registered at GPCos)
    - Driver 2 Name (exactly as registered at GPCos)
  6. Maybe "Division for which you are acquiring the licenses" is more clear than "league for which....", because the league is the same for all divisions :)
  7. thanks a lot guys. Understood. :)
  8. Hello Johannes:

    I've made my registration in two diferent times, one was just my name but i've payed my licens and the team, and now i've made another payement for the second driver and i've add all the special intructions. So one payement was of 34 and anotrherone was of 27 (26 + 1) i hope you undestrabd what I mean, It's just to confirm that you have recived my entry. Thank you very much.
  9. please get in touch with me directly.
  10. I did my registration Wt paid 23 euro for the whole season.
  11. Your payment arrived. However the registration instructions say to send all payments through your teammanager in one payment.

    Please make sure to follow this procedure next time.
  12. Its 26 euros?
  13. Ben it´s 23€ for now

    World Trophy
    Driver: Season: 26€ ; Three-race-license: 6€ (discount on the full license until 14.03.2011: 23€)
  14. Oh ok;)
  15. the list of teams in all leagues looks a bit empty on gpcos... we gonna have some really empty races or are there just teams not sorted out yet?
  16. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    pretty sure that teams have alot drivers who need to pay licenses untill signing /or lazy manager who havent done it yet
  17. got to admit tho doesnt look great none in WC 2 in WS and 5 in WT new people looking at would prob think it isnt worth it..
  18. Hi Chris,
    there will be many more drivers coming to register.
  19. There is a complete validation payment process behind it. It takes some time to show up on gpcos once gone trough the process and once teams anounced their lineup etc. Just see the thread topic that Andreas posted, it will be a full house :p i wouldnt realy worry about it.