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Database Reduced Fuel Consumption. More Fuel in Tank 1.0

Stop saving fuel for the whole race just for a few laps of speed.

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  1. So, no feedback? Is it really so perfect that it needs no feedback whatsoever? Come on, guys...
  2. would love to add to the Tyre Database mate what did you change?
    Thanks for all your work!
  3. That is so much better, just tried a 29 lap race and loved the fact that I didn't have to keep the fuel mix on standard or low most of the race. The default rich mix couldn't be used much, so to get more out of rich and not let the car in front disappear in the first few laps was a rewarding chase that got my blood pumping....cheers mate.[​IMG]
  4. Great thanks, any chance of combining this with the reduced tyrewear database?
    Would be excellent.
  5. Sure, just let me finish all the databases for the reduced tyre wear mod first.
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  6. good job!! but is too much for 50% :)
  7. thank you for the mod