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Released Redditch Super Prix - my first track..

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Nobby76, Feb 9, 2010.


    My first proper attempt at creating a track. So be kind to me in the comments :biggrin:


    • Track Location : Redditch, England. ( Small Wood area )
    • Track size : 2.78 miles / 4.47 Km
    • Track Type : Fantasy Track. Temporary street circuit, Based on real roads in towns location
    • Garage/Pit Slots : 20 Usable... There are actually enough garages for 30, but i left the first and last few empty.
    • Grid Spots : 40.. Thats plenty on most tracks, let alone a small street circuit...
    • Ideal car : Any of the small cars should be fine*. I found the Alfa 147 was rather nice to take round tho..
    * While most small cars work fine on this track, anything with much more power is just wasted as its mostly small wiggly streets and rather tight/slow junction corners. Plus anything the size of a touring car or F1 takes up a fair amount of track, making it hard to pass*

    Credits :

    • Me..:wink: i created the track on my own.
    • Brendon Pywell.. For creating BTB without it none of this would have happened.
    • everyone who makes Xpacks of objects. Thank you guys
    • ISI . For rFactor
    • And finally Logitec . For making the G25 wheel so freaking awsome!
    rsp.jpg rsp 2.jpg GRAB_004.jpg GRAB_005.jpg GRAB_006.jpg

    Link to DOWN LOAD page.. File size is 84 MB

    Have fun... Nobby
  2. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    That layout sure does look fun, with some interesting bumps and cambers :)

    I`m sure your track making days are nowhere near finished judging from this great effort :)
  3. WOOO my first reply :cool: *claps his hands with excitement.

    Glad you like it. And NAAAH i aint finished making tracks.. now i figured out most of btb, next il learn making objects, so i can have custom stuff in them, rather than relying solely on the available Xpacks.

    I was amazed to be honest, actually making the track and the terrain was surprisingly simple to do. I went the google earth way of things... Finding a location in GE then plotting out a Path, and exporting it as a KML file and importing that into BTB. The hardest... or rather the most longwinded part for me, was laying down all the trackside objects. Being a typical UK town most of the houses look the same. So it was a case of just restamping down the same object over and over.
    I think the whole track took about 25 hours-ish to make, it was spanned over about 5 evenings.
    I think the next track might be an alternative to the Birmingham super sprix, i can think of plenty of other places in Birmingham a street circuit would work well...
  4. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    So you plan on making more fantasy (but based on real location) tracks?

    Do some more playing about with this one first. Learn about the SCN, GDB, TDF and AIW files before continuing, as mastering these can produce some truely great tracks with only subtle and minor changes.

    Remember too, if you have an idea about something that might seem radical and new....just go ahead and try it, you never know, you may have been the first one to stumble on something brilliant :)

    EDIT: The making of objects is quite easy. Saying that, i enlisted someone better than me at modelling to help with my track lol
    For me, BTB has been excellent in getting the ball rolling with track making, but to get the absolute most out of making tracks, you will find you`ll need 'other programs' to help you on your way :)
  5. Yeah i had a little play with a few of those files (i had to mess with one to set the mas files up ) and i had to change the pitlane speed and some info like the track length for the too. So i got a quick look at some of those files.

    The model making isnt a problem for me ( the actual modeling ) as im a 3d kinda guy anyway, so i cant make my models in whatever app i prefer and export them to btb. But from what i understand, when making tracks outside of BTB most of it is done with 3ds max. which to be honest i loath beyond belief :eek:
    I have it, i have max 2010 installed right now, but i only use it to convert max objects to other usable formats as nothing else much handles max files. I already chose my preferred modeler/ animator years ago:smile:, i find max horrible to try and use. But.. If its just a case of it has to be in max so it can get exported using a specific plugin or something then that wont be a problem, i can just create stuff in my preferred 3d app, import it into max then do its magic on it.
    Mind you if im honest about it. altho i have all the enthusiasm of a 10 year old, usually when i get started it kinda feels like it trudges along slowly so i get disheartened and wanna give up.. so ill prolly stick to using BTB for the moment ( i may look into other ways later ) So ill prolly go the way of... Build the track in BTB, create objects in my 3d app, export to a usable format for btb, then use them in there., for the most part i like to keep them simple, kinda..

    The reason im making tracks for rFactor doesn't actually have anything to do with rFactor :confused:
    As i said im a 3d guy really, and one thing that is REALLY hard to try to animate is driving, it just never looks convincing enough. But if we can get actual data from cars driving about on pre determined roads, and bring that into the 3d package to drive the car, then its gonna look a hell of a lot more realistic than if animated by hand. and seeing as BTB can both create tracks and export them in DX format ( which i can load into my 3d app ) then i can create the pre determined roads, drive about on them, gather the Telemetry data, so i know where the car is and what its doing, i can create fairly accurate animations of cars racing about..

    The reason i wanna do this.. doing an animation of cars will look about 100 times better than ANY games gfx could make it look. So i thought, well seeing as i have made the track and i have it working in the game, i might as well release it, let others make use of it..

    LOL i really am that generous ..
  6. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    lol well thank you very much.

    There is no limit though, to the kind of program you use to do your modeling, as long as you can export to 3DS (and something else, but i forgot the file type).
    For instance, i use Zmodeller, which i`m pretty sure most semi-professional modellers will tell you is utter crap. But its what i`ve been using for years, and it does the job. For me 3Dmax is over complicated and i really dont want to invest my time learning a brand new program when the one i have is fine.

    Reading your post, i`m kind of confused as to what your ultimate goal is with track making etc. Can you shed some light?
  7. Hehe, yeah i probably rambled a bit in that last post.. ok what my final goal of all this will be.....

    Short version. Create car animations. Long version. Create car/ race animations that look more realistic because its using telem data from Rfactor rather than me key framing everything by hand. Key framing everything by hand is a slow process and its 99% guess work.

    If i was to keyframe 3 cars going around a track, what i and most people would do is the same animation for all the cars, just off set the time/speed of each car, but they would all pretty much run the same racing lines. If i was to use Rfactor telem data, each car will be unique.. one may slide out slightly more on a corner than others or one may brake harder and lock up his wheels. all that sorta thing you kinda forget to do when keyframing as you spend most of the time just making the car go around the track.

    What im doing is kinda like the car equivalent of animating a cg person. with cg characters you have 2 choices really, either keyframe the anim or use Mocap data ( motion capture.. those blue suits with the dots on them) if you use mocap data you pick up everything the person was doing , all the little things that make it look realistic. well thats pretty much what im doing, just using cars instead of people and Telem data instead of mocap. Plus i have the added benefit of, whatever road network i need or want, i can just build in BTB and dump into Rfactor. then export a copy of the track to the 3d app and then use the telem data on it to make the car move around

    Hope that sorta clears up what im doing :smile:

    Yeah Zmoddeler of good at what its designed for, import and export of game models. for anything else its pretty much pointless. i had a look at blender a while ago, which uses DAE files ( which i beleive is the other file format used besides 3DS ) lol it looks like a budget version of MAX, just about as insightful but looked cheaper, then there is MAX itself, which IMO is just horrible to use. then things like Maya, modo, which all look and run pretty similar in most respects. My app of choice is Lightwave 3D ive used it for years ( was used for everything CG in babylon 5 and a lot of fx stuff i nthings like 24 ) i have a string f other 3d apps i use as well, but most of those are for specific jobs, like ihave an app just for character creation and animation, i have an app just to do particle and fluid effects and one just to do landscapes/ terrains. But i do the majority of my work in lightwave..
  8. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    I believe you've just hired yourself (for free i may add) as my new 3D modeller for my track! lol

    What is the purpose of your 3D work? Personal? or is it a work/uni project your doing?
  9. "Being a typical UK town most of the houses look the same."

    Yeah, said the guy from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, so why is that? :confused:
  10. Most of it is for personal use, more practice than anything. my bro and i run our own 3d company. nothing huge. we ahve done some work for a few local companies and we are currently on contract with Carter Aviations, we do most of the cgi flight scenes for them or any other gfx stuff they need.

    Oh lol i dont model for free btw ( unless its for myself ) sorry. our usual going rate is £50 an hour for modeling, or if its an animation then we usually charge £1000 for ever minute of footage. still want me to model for you ?? hehe
  11. Because where i live all the houses were built in a hurry just after the war ( WW2 btw ) so they were made as fast and cheap as possible. Plus over here most houses are joined to other houses ( we dont have the amount of room like the US does ) so they are all built as one long line of houses and the easiest way to do that is keep them all the same design. Thats why most parts of the uk all the houses on a street will look the same.
  12. Thanks, nice track! :cool: Nice scenery, way more fun to look at than today's bland, open, featureless tracks.

    It is noticeably slower than others in most places, though... In open-wheel cars, on my 2 GHz Core2Duo system in most corners it gets no higher than 17 fps.
  13. yeah there are quite a few objects on this track... problem is i generally don't see any stutters or frame drops as im running a 2.8 dual core and a nvidia 8800gts so most games dont slow down for me even with full settings. i think i average around 60fps with everything set to max in Rfactor.. only time i saw it stutter was when i recording the laps, which was just Fraps doing its thing again...
  14. Well, maybe you want to try it on a lower-end system - I'm sure it runs fine on a (fairly) high-end one, but I can assure you it's a *lot* slower than most tracks. (And that's a shame, since apart from the atrocious fps rates, I like it plenty)
  15. ok buy me a system and ill test it on that..:biggrin: until then i only have my computer to try it on. And im not disagreeing with you either , i know there would be slowdown problems for low end computers. but i didn't build the track in mind of low end pc's, i didn't even build it in mind for high end pc's, i built it for a project i needed and thought id be nice enough to release it to the public. thats the only reason its even up on the forum. As i said on an earlier post ( on page 1 i think ) the only reason im making tracks is so i can have a road system of my choosing to drive about on then use the telemetry data to animate cars in a 3d package.

    Ive actually built 2 other tracks since releasing this, one is the new Mercedes proving ground at the old Brooklands track in surrey, england ( thats actually 5 tracks in 1 ) and i built another street circuit around part of Birmingham city center ( also england ) but i doubt ill be releasing either, as the merc tracks doesnt work properly ( it works enough to get telem data recorded but it wouldn't really be suitable to release unless i did a major over haul on it ( which would prolly take longer than i took to build it first time :rolleyes: ) and the birmingham one is literally just track and some walls to stop you flying off into the distance ( it doesnt even have any terrain in it ) But im sure one of the tracks i make soonish ill be releasing and ill try to keep the tree level down to a minimum ( thats why it slowed down, there is loads of trees. )