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Redding and Crutchlow 2015 Update 2015-04-29

New pack including updated liveries for Redding and Crutchlow

  1. joehowley2 submitted a new resource:

    Redding and Crutchlow 2015 Update - New pack including updated liveries for Redding and Crutchlow

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  2. nice work man.. using it.. lookin for forward to yo other liveries skin packs.
  3. rkh


    nice work for sure. goes without saying, but allow me - hxcftw has done an amazing job for all 2015 MotoGP liveries and since the goal has been to match the real life 2015 season, I would like to suggest to tackle different classes. So, don't get me wrong the work is great that is why I am asking you for other classes, but I think we are set for MotoGP and would appreciate your talents for other classes. You might have seen the 2015 W.I.P. pics I have posted, all stats and names, etc etc have been updated to 2015. We are getting a Leopard skin for Moto3, so would love it if you jump on Moto2...

    Moto2: AJO Motorsport (so fast it warrants an update, plus it looks awesome) is just one that comes to mind. And EG 0,0 Marc VDS
  4. Thanks for the suggestion rkh, I'll have a look into it for sure :) and when I brought this mod out it was before hxcftw had brought his better one out aha shame for me but his are better than mine, i'll see what I can do
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