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RedBull Career Helmet 2.0

8 RedBull helmets for career mode

  1. can you plz tell me how should i install this helmet cause i can't make it work thx mate
  2. I hope this will help you
    Installation instructions:
    1. Use mixfile remixer to extract GFX.MIX, they are found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\MotoGP15 if using Steam, if not it will look something like this C:\Program Files\Milestone\MotoGP15

    2. Download the Pack mod files and extract them.

    3. Copy and paste the downloaded files into the extracted GFX.MIX folders.

    5. Repack the extracted folders back into MIX files (make sure to set the format to SBK-X/V8) and save them back into ….\common\MotoGP15 (make sure to back up your MIX files before replacing them).

    6. Done;)
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  3. Kan you please make the english flag a USA flag on the Five colour helmet
  4. I'm a lazy guy, don't get your hopes up :D
  5. Please man , the helmets look AMAZING!!!!, if you have the time please with you do it ?
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