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Skins Red Bull Racing Australia 2015 1.2

Red Bull Racing Australia 2015

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  1. Bert Austen

    Bert Austen
    Pedal tho the metal Men Premium Member

    Very nice skin, but....there no skin file in the download, only one mas-file and a emty v8 map :(
  2. Yeah
    Fix This please
  3. You shouldnt tease people like that... :(
  4. That ain't teasing mate
  5. Well, I was all fired up until I read your comments...:(
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  6. c'mon man your preview png's file size made your download look legit too. PLZ FIX.
  7. Note the download contains a new SuperV8_maps.mas file which has new Dunlop tire textures. So the default tires are now Dunlops ............ which look pretty good by the way ............. and yes the skin is missing from the Teams folder.
  8. Sorry everyone my bad ill fix it NOOWWW
  9. Bert Austen

    Bert Austen
    Pedal tho the metal Men Premium Member

    Thanks, very good :) Can you make more great skin of the v8 supercars?
  10. It looks nice:thumbsup:
  11. Great job, I see you're working on making it even better :) The wheel blur with the new Dunlops looks a little off though, something you may want to look at :ninja:
  12. what do you mean? , do you have any suggestions to make it better? didnt really noticed whats wrong
  13. The wheel movement seemed to be not as smooth in appearance, maybe it's just me, not sure. I overwrote the original file so can't go back and check the original look.
  14. Nice update ............... where did you find the helmet and driversuit template?
  15. Why not share yours with the original uploader... To make this skin even better...:thumbsup:
    While we are at it... I noticed #UD# used the (blueish) color of the F1 team and not the color of the V8 team that IMO is a bit darker and less saturated.
  16. Hi wonderfull skins but when i put them on the game when racing i have 4 cars with the skins how can i fix this error
  17. i dont really know how to fix this, this was my first skin for this game