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Skins Red Bull Racing 2016 1.3

Red Bull Racing RB 12 2016

  1. thrashersfreak submitted a new resource:

    Red Bull Racing 2016 - Red Bull Racing RB 12 2016

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  2. Class. And you can still make gloves?
  3. wow good job mate !
  4. Maybe after I did the cars, I have to check what's possible to do there. At least it should look similar to the original.
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  5. thank you !
  6. can you do ferrari next mate ?
  7. next will be Renault, Ferrari I have to check what is possible because the white segments could be a problem, I have to try.
  8. nice mate keep it going cheers
  9. [Цитата="thrashersfreak, должность: 2211980, член: 126649"]может быть, после меня машины, мне нужно проверить, что делается там. По крайней мере он должен быть похож на оригинал.[/Цитата]
    I'll wait for your work!
  10. Odd question, But do you think you could modify the Toro Rosso's .vtf file to make them have the same engine as Ferrari?
  11. Why is their no redbull sign on the front of the rear Wing like in reality, I would also like 4 request that tororosso have the same engine as ferrari which you can include in your performance mod as well as McLaren being faster at least being able to trouble 10th place in qualifying please please, thanks alot
  12. Do you can to add red bull logo on redbull rear wing or another redbull sponsor?
  13. Not possible if you read the 2016 Red Bull skin update thread. It just doesn't work according to the author.
  14. Even the infiniti logo of 2015?
  15. Well no, Since it was there originally. But adding anything else is impossible.