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Skins Red Bull Audi Sport F1 Team 7.0

fantasy team package by arvaimate00

  1. arvaimate00 submitted a new resource:

    Red Bull Audi Sport Formula One Team - [I]new skin + team name change[/I]

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  2. Nice skin, but I think you should fix the Audi logo on the nose, looks a little bit too big
  3. Alright, I'm gonna fix it:)
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  4. That's better now, great job
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  5. Thank you!:D
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  6. Hey mate i´ve downloaded your mod cause it Looks fantastic but i kant install it. the laguage file is in localisation Folder and overwritten. but where i have to put in the red bull file? i don´t have any web Folder in my redbull Folder :( so i can´race with audi
  7. redbul.erp goes in to:F1 2016\asset_groups\f1_2016_vehicle_package\teams\redbull\wep
    laguage in f1 2016/localisation
  8. Hey Flocke, that's where you should place it what massa sad, hope you can use it now!
  9. yes thank you what a great mod
  10. Thank you!:)
  11. arvaimate00 updated Red Bull Audi Sport Formula One Team with a new update entry:

    driver + detail changes

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  12. After the latest update my game just crashes whenever I load up a race? is anyone else having this issue?
  13. For me it's working, but if there is a problem for many people I'm gonna try to fix it, just let me know
  14. What is the correct way to install it? just drag Asset_groups into the F1 2016 folder?
  15. Nop.
    Open the asset_groups map what you downloaded from here, there is gonna be two other map, and in the maps there are the erp files what you need to drag and drop to your game
    for example pitstop.erp into F1 2016/asset_groups/animation_package/scenes/pitstop/2016

    Be sure that you drag the files to the great place(!), there are two racecrew and two pitcrew file, be aware
  16. Okay, would you be able to make a more detailed instillation guide on the main page for this mod?
  17. I've followed your instillation guide, and tried reinstalling my whole game and it isn't working still, this is the only mod that I have had a problem with and it is really bugging me because I would love to use this mod for my career mode as I am already using the skin! please, please, please find a way to fix this. I cannot be the only person with this problem!