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Recording race footage from Xbox

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Peter Hooper, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Hi guys,

    Looking for a bit of advice from any recording guru's on here.

    I am wanting to record some of the races \ practices that I take part in on my Xbox 360 and to that effect bought one of the Ezcap capture devices that seemed ideal for the job. These do work as others have succesfully managed to record without a problem but for some reason all I get on my netbook is a green screen instead of the output I expect from the Xbox. I have tried everything I know and also everything the support guys for the device have suggested and all to no avail. There are several suggestions on YouTube about this particular problem but none have worked so I can only assume there is some incompatibility with my particulr netbook despite the fact that it matches the required specs.

    Prior to this I tried connecting the Xbox up to a couple of the HDD \ DVD recorders that I have and although I do get a picture there is bad interference at the top and bottom of the screen. This shows on both the realtime image and anything I try to record.

    I also have a little Archos PVR which records perfectly from my TV but when connected to the Xbox I either get black and white or the colours are just not right (very faint and unclear).

    Each of these attempts has been via the Xbox component cables into the recording device with additional cables connected from the recording device into the TV.

    I have considered the possibility of dodgy cables but that doesn’t seem possible to be the cause of the problem because of the fact that the picture when plugged directly into the TV is perfect.

    It's all very frustrating and I would appreciate any input anyone here can give.

  2. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    Peter component cable could be the problem you might need to use the scart cable that comes with the xbox.
    found this video and I think he just used a scart cable hope it helps.
  3. Yeah you need a component cable to record with anything. (You can still play in HD!)
  4. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Cheers guys but when I said the component cable I did mean the one that came with the Xbox and when connected to the HDD recorders it was via the scart adapter as well. The Archos doesn't have a scart connection just the red, white and yellow component connections and an s-video one. Was thinking of getting the Xbox cable that comes with an s-video plug as well to see if that makes a difference.

    It's really frustrating and haven't been able to solve it since the 2010 days. The Ezcap I thought was going to be the perfect solution so gutted it hasn't worked. The support guys are indicating it's a problem with the USB2 bandwidth on my netbook but I have had no problems with anything else connected via USB at all so not sure if that is a valid reason for it to not be working.
  5. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    How do you still play in HD Dylan? With the component Xbox cable plugged in on mine there is a plastic bit that then covers the HD port. I have seen videos of people cracking open the case of the Xbox cable plug to enable both the component and HDMI cables to be plugged in but I also read that it can't output in HD with the component cable plugged in. I have not tried it yet though....
  6. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Thanks for the video Gavin... very useful to see it but I have tried mine with the Xbox cable plugged directly into the Ezcap without the splitters going to the TV just to test it out. Would the splitters make any difference to the signal? I assumed that if it didn't work plugged directly into the Ezcap it wouldn't work with the extra step either...
  7. The component cable (Yellow/Red/Blue/Green/White) plugs into your TV (Can buy a splitter for Green and blue if your TV doesnt have them). And on the side of the Component cable there's a switch. AV - HDTV. Switch it to HDTV and it will be HD :). Its what i do.
  8. it depends on what you're using to record / capture the footage in. i use a dazzle DVC100 (exactly same as the piece of poo you brought) ok, few things first

    i use Windows Movie maker to capture
    you will also NEED to download AMcap (it's free google it)
    x2 y-spliters for the audio phono (amazon sell them buy x3 for like £2)
    a spare set of RED & WHITE PHONO LEADS

    OK now for the setup!

    grab your component cable that came with the xbox
    make sure you have set your xbox to 60hz in the dash board before hand

    ok using the component cables lets get the easy bit down,
    plug in the BLUE GREEN RED VGA phons into the back of your TV (this at least allows you to PLAY in better definition)
    now the YELLOW phono goes into the capture card
    on the capture card plug in the x2 Y-Spliters into the RED & WHITE audio ports on the card.
    now run the xbox leads RED & WHITE INTO a Ysplitter for each one, now take the SPARE SET of PHONO R&W you have left over, plug these inot the spare y-splitter ports coming out of the capture card, run the ends inot the RED&WHITE audio on the TV.

    So basically, you are splitting the audio so the card will capture it and the TV will also kick out sound. the CARD CAPTURES THE YELLOW PHONO lead, while you PLAY using the HD component leads.

    Now this is where i came up stuck as the other idoits on You Tube dont make it exactly clear, i say it now DO NOT RUN AMcap until AFTER you have setup Movie Maker

    So go into WMovie maker Capture movie, THIS RUNS THE SETUP WIZZRD: Select your card form the drop down list (should be there if it detects it) now change the VIDEO Paremeters, you want to change the video to record in N or M_NTSC.

    then go with the defualts or name the file what you want, eventualy you get to the PREVIEW window and START STOP record buttons. in the preview winodw you shoudl see the screen BUT it's in black n white, GOD DAMN PAL 60hz NTSC dilema!

    DONT PANIC! now go to START PROGRAMES AND RUN AMcap, when AMCAP runs it auto resolves the N_MSTC into SECAM B (60hz colur capture), as SOON as AMCap is running just minimize it thats all it's needed for, when u minimize you shoudl now see the PREVIEW SCREEN IN COLOUR!!! HOORAH, hit START and away you go!

    this took me forages to work out as everyone was saying you need AMcap to record in colour on 60hz games you need it you need it, what they fail to tell you is you NEED to run it AFTER you have set everything up.

    hope this helps somewhat. dont believe me?

    You tube
    AKIRA KAIN, ( akirakain22 is channel name here's an example for ya bottom of this post) check out my channel and see how many of our F1 league races i have captured. Graphics are not great and if you can be arsed you can run the finished WMV file through another video stuido (sony Vegas is good for this) and you can tweek it's quality from there, but i cant be arsed to do it all over again etc, im aiming to buy the HD capture card @ £180 but thats a big buy, but well worth it one of our other guys has one and it's just like seeing it on HDMI cable on screen.

    just DONT for the life of me do what plebs and pesents do and just whack a cam corder up infront of your tv, i dont even watch them, they are rubbish, you can hear the gears being changed on the steering wheel, really unprofessional pleb way of doing this. on a plus side when u use capture cards, YOUR voice is not captured but everyone elses is so dont worry about what you say, and i have some funny **** from what others have said during races, like a lobby laughing their heads off for no apprent reason but you cant hear me in 1st place @ AbuDhabi going NOOOO im running out of Fuel! ;-)
    anyways take care

    Akira Kain
    xbox GT = "Akira Kain"