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Recommended UK store to buy Thrustmaster wheel?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Metalogic, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Metalogic


    Hi - I'm thinking of buying the Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition package (i.e. this), as it has pretty much all the components I want (T3PA pedals, Leather 28 GT rim, TX base), but there seem to be only a few online stores in the UK selling this. Thrustmaster's own UK store sells it, but for the full £399.

    I've seen it on sale elsewhere for less via third-party resellers on Amazon (not Amazon themselves) and on some online stores on the continent, but given the reliability problems Thrustmaster wheels seem to be prone to, want to make sure I buy it from somewhere where returns are not going to be a problem. Is there anywhere UK-based apart from Thrustmaster's own store where I could buy this wheel package, but also where returns are not likely to be a problem? Or should I just buy it direct and pay the extra for peace of mind?

  2. Hey man!

    I can see that you want to avoid Amazon, and I really can see why. I have had issues in the past where I have wanted a refund from Third party sellers, or have received a damaged product and the seller refuses to give me a refund, and convincing Amazon is just about as successful as shouting at a multi-millionaire valued brick wall.

    However, i've got a suggestion.

    Thrustmasters actually sell there products under an official seller on Amazon. Here is the wheel that you are wanting to buy, and you really will be amazed.


    It was £399 on the ThrustMasters website? They are taking you as a dummy, you can buy the exact same wheel, leather edition for £299, YOUR SAVING A WHOLE £100! It doesn't get much better than that!

    I bought the TH8A Shifter from the ThrustMasters seller on Amazon, and I in all honesty broke it on the first day of using it, and simply claimed that it was broken when first purchasing it. (Sorry Amazon!), and I got the choice of getting a full refund from Amazon, or the seller sending me another product. The product was definitely legitimate, but this was the first shifter that I have ever purchased so it wasn't prone to my sloppy hand actions when changing gears, which lead me to breaking it!

    I would definitely purchase the wheel from that provided link my friend, as it will save you a good £100, and if worse comes to worst, you will have to pay for the delivery cost of like £5 to return it if it is faulty, and they will send you another product.

    Go for it man, you would be a sucker if you bought it for £399 rather than £299 my friend!

    PS: I love the look of that wheel, it looks sick! :laugh:
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  3. Metalogic


    Thanks for the tip, but how can you tell they're an official seller for Thrustmaster? Is it because it says "by Thrustmaster" under the title? Fuzion are not listed as one of Thrustmaster's resellers here: http://www.thrustmaster.com/where-to-buy
  4. Hmm that strange; it states that its being distributed by ThrustMasters but sold by a different seller?! That is rather odd, i've never come across anything like this on Amazon, but I assure you they are great when it comes to wanting a refund and returning faulty items, so I really do recommend that you go for this one!

    Sorry about the late reply, i've been doing some intense racing you see! ;)
  5. Try MAPLIN.co.uk