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Recommended GSC 2013/Extreme mods

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Mods' started by Billy Pilgrim, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Hi

    There are a lot of mods around, and let's face it, the quality varies quite considerably. I've installed some tracks, for example, that were a bit of a waste of my time, basically.

    It would be great if we had a thread where people could mention the ones they really recommend. It could save people time.

    Which mods would you really recommend? I'm asking about mods that are pretty much at the level of the original GSC Extreme game? Or even better - is that possible?
  2. I know I'll catch Hell for this but this is exactly why I don't bother with user created mods. The quality can vary wildly and there's really no guarantee you're getting the same level of quality or accuracy that you get from the game developers. This is no insult to modders that are creating their own content, occassionaly some brilliant stuff is created but I simply don't have the time to download, install and test every piece of content that comes out to check its quality and relying on user reviews for mod content should be taken with a grain of salt because you're at the mercy of the reviewer which may not really know much about what they're reviewing other than "OMG, this Ferrari is badass."
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  3. Billy, I agree with you that such a thing would be nice (I would love to know that too), but I'm forced to agree with Blkout that every person is different, so would be every "vote".
    There's this "star system" in place on the GSC donwloads which can be used to get a hint about the quality of the track/mod. I tend to trust it if the ratio "stars/number of votes" is high on both ends. :)

    Just to keep on the thread, I personally like the BlancPain (for GSC 2013), DRM and Legends Car (for GSC 2012, but they work) mods. I would give them 9/10 (there are small glitches that takes away the 10/10 score, but they are perfectly negligible during play time). I've personally converted the HistorX mod and it is brilliant too. It even supports GrindingTranny plugin (which causes you to miss shifts if you don't do it properly on these old cars!) Too bad I can't release it to the public.
    Tracks: I would recommend Bathurst 2011 and Vanport. Not sure if Bathurst 2011 is legal, though.

    Will keep an eye on this thread to see if something else appears. I'm really fond about old stuff racing (60/70/80).

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  4. Fernando, Where could I find the DRM and Legends car? And the Bathurst track?
  5. rFactor 1 already has many more mods, and chances are that the best ones, if any, for GSC have been converted from it anyway, and they'll feel the same, as it's basically the same game.

    I converted the F1-S-R 1994 mod from rFactor to GSC, and it's exactly the same thing - same atrocious AI and all.

    So I'd rather just look for the best rFactor 1 mods if I were you.
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  6. <deleted>.
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  7. Hope cross posting isn't against the rules. Well it must be as the forum keeps changing my posted address..........
    Any how go over to Insidesimracing forums, GSCE and you'll find a recent thread on downloadable tracks.
    Theres also a 2011 Bathurst track I picked up from somewhere else.
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  8. can you pm the links pls
  10. Bugger me, even what i write gets changed by this site???
    PM if i could only figure out how.
    Inside sim racing
    Is the site.
  11. Steve, please contact me by PM. When I tried to PM you, I got "You may not start a conversation with the following recipients: Steve William."
  12. I can recommend mods of tracks made by Virtua LM.

    I've tried a couple of them (Sebring was one). They were very good.
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  13. Nox

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    I agree; Their Mid Ohio is good too. If anyone has Fuji for GSC I'd be appreciative of a link via PM :)

    I like the 1968 Camaro (you can find it in the RD downloads section) and the BES mod too.
  14. Andrew, on that links I sent you via PM a while ago, Fuji by Virtua converted to GSC is in there...;)
  15. Nox

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    I never managed to find Fuji on that link (I made a mistake and thought I had it) and now the link doesn't work. If you have it, please send me a new link to that track :)
  16. Done!
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  17. I haven't tried Mid Ohio. Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a go.

    I've tried the Camaro 68. I confirm - it is good.

    I'd be happy to try more Virtua LM mods if anyone's got a link
  18. I just tried Mid Ohio. It is excellent!

    The Camaro 68s: I'm getting no shadows under the cars

  19. Okay man, not sure why but i think my profile is privet or something!!
  20. Another mod I'd recommend, but not mentioned here, is the BMW M3 Challenge mod. Also, the Lexus Challenge mod

    And the Nascar mod (difficult, but great, handling).

    The Virtua LM tracks: Le Mans and Rouen (anything by Virtua LM, in fact)

    And another: Le Mans Classic track mod.