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Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Jason Hunt, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. I have 1100 to spend and the current sale seems a perfect time to use them.

    I've not played since a closed beta almost a year ago so I'm well out of touch with what's good.

    Track wise I'm thinking of Bathurst and Portimao, and possibly the Hillclimb.

    Car wise, Audi 90, and possibly the MP4, but RUF RT12R looks tempting as well.

    Are there any bad cars to be avoided?

    Recommendations welcome.
  2. ixnay on the ortimaopay (http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/insane-stutter-portimao.89700). i also was drawn to that 'ruf' & drove it for lap around monza b/c it was described as if it was the actual road car but classed in gt2, so i didnt know if it was a true ruf or an excuse to make a porsche gte (its the latter). seems like a nice car from the little time i spent with it.

    i always recommend the m1 procar as thats the car ive found most fun so far (yes even over the audi, which i cant drive for ****). but i dont have much gametime at all.
  3. You prob have wasted your vRP by now but incase you haven't, here's a few pointers;
    Portimao is a AWESOME track, sadly it seems to suffer from some performance issue in R3E atm (http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/insane-stutter-portimao.89700/), it might drive fine on your system or with lower settings, but I thought I'd let you know just in case.
    Also, I reckon SimBin will update it at some point to make it better.

    The Audi 90 is probably the best car in the game imo (I haven't tested all of them yet), not cos it's my fav car but just from a physics and FFB standpoint.
    Other cars I enjoy are the Radicals (particularly the V8) and the P4/5.
    As far as tracks goes, Bathurst is a must have.

    Edit: LoL!!! I now read the answer prior to mine and realize the stutter has been mentioned :p
  4. Thanks for the advice. Haven't spent them yet either.

    Shame about Portimao because I really like that track.
  5. William Wester

    William Wester
    Premium Member

    I must have found a sweet spot in the settings as Portimao runs fine for me - and I don't have a monster of a PC (i7, GTX780, 5812x1080, vSync ON).

    Bought the Zakspeed and Audi Quattro today and took out some laps around Portimao - what a rush! These two sound sick, especially from the rear, totally engrossing. Both a handful, but predictably tricky!
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    1. could you post the settings? been meaning to experiment with some i got on the steam forum that work for a guy but havent bothered yet. maybe yours i could just plug & play.
    2. i dont know how i got this numbered. i mean i do but...w/e. sorry.
  6. You HAVE to get Bathurst. It's the greatest track in the world!!
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  7. Bought:
    Audi 90


    Have 325 left which could be Portimao and the v8 Radical.
  8. William Wester

    William Wester
    Premium Member

    I don't find Portimao much different than the other tracks, some may be slightly better optimized. Start with HIGH settings but then change Reflection Type to "Simple Cube Map", Shadow Split to "off", and turn on "vSync", the rest salt to taste - some providing small gains/penalties. With the "default" HIGH settings I get 55-82 FPS and very choppy without vSync.

    With my normal custom settings I get 95-120 FPS with a i7@4GHz, GTX 780 3GB w/factory OC, triple screen. VSync off just for monitoring FPS.

    Aspect Ratio: 48:9
    Resolution: 5812x1080
    Full Screen: ON
    VSync: ON

    Track Detail: High
    Car LOD: High
    Particle Detail: High
    Tiremarks: On
    Specular: On
    Dynamic Reflections: Off
    Track Animations: On
    Shadows: High
    Car Shadows: On
    Contact Shadows: 6
    Shawdow Split: Off
    Multi-Sampling: 8 x AA
    FXAA: On
    Bloom: On
    Motion Blur: Off (preference)
    Lightshafts: On
    Lens Effects: On
    Reflection Type: Simple Cube Map
    Track Texture Quality: High
    Car Texture Quality: High
    Rear View Mirror Quality: High
    Shader Quality: High
    Corner Markers: Off

    I think SimBin would be wize to adjust the "default" HIGH settings as I see the same threads over and over from those claiming crappy performance. With a few tweaks R3E/DTM runs great.

    I agree, and also one of the better looking R3E tracks. I bought some cars and all the tracks during their Easter sale, picking up a few more cars during the current sale - decisions!
  9. i think you may be right about portimao, & it was just some weird issue that day...im not sure but i bumped some settings UP, actually e nabled shadow split, & ticked of FXAA and it ran fine for me yesterday. so idk what the deal is, but thanks for the settings. i believe theyre the same as i have now minus the fxaa & ss & i went ahead and bumped contact shadows to full.
  10. Portimao ran fine on mine. Bathurst wasn't great so I had to reduce some settings.
  11. I just tested these settings, I get less stutter but it's still present and it's still affecting my driving at times, but far less often than before.
    The two options that where different to mine where that I had Dynamic Reflections On, and Contact Shadows at 8.
    But as I said, I still have issues with stutter, gonna continue that conversation in the thread mentioned above though.