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Recommend me a 24" monitor

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Metalogic, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Metalogic

    Premium Member

    Hi - I'm looking for a good external monitor, primarily for use with racing sims (I don't play FPS, and the other games I play are less demanding strategy games or RPGs, like Europa Universalis IV and Pillars of Eternity), as I currently am just using my laptops 15.6" 1080p screen, which isn't going to cut it once I get a wheel...

    I have limited space, though, so am likely limited to no larger than a single 24" screen, which I hope is going to be large enough, as I'll be using a Wheelstand Pro to mount the wheel, so will be sitting a little back from my desk...

    My current PC (an XMG P505 laptop with an Nvidia 970M GPU with 3Gb vRAM) doesn't support G-Sync, though my next PC likely will, though I can't see myself buying a new PC for another 2 years. My PC *does* support up to 144Hz refresh rate, though of the sims I currently own (R3E, AC, GTR2), it's probably only R3E and GTR2 where I can get more than 60fps at 1080p on the higher graphics settings (also another reason for not going more than 1080p).

    Support for a VESA mount is a must, as am considering mounting the screen on an adjustable monitor arm, so that I can bring it to the front of my desk more easily, though may not do that for a while, so would like a stand that has lots of adjustments, including height.

    I'mm be using a DisplayPort or miniDisplayPort input primarily, though would be nice (though not essential) to have HDMI input as an option too.

    A thin-ish bezel would be nice, though not essential, as I don't have space to run triples.

    I don't need speakers, as will always be using headphones with it to avoid annoying the missus!

    I don't really care about blur-reduction, it's not really needed for racing sims I think and tends to dim brightness

    These are the monitors I've been considering - which of these would you recommend I get, or should I be considering something else? My budget is about up to £300, though nearer £250 would be better.

    All the below support >60Hz refresh rates:

    • BenQ XL2430T (not G-sync, but otherwise looks great, low input lag, is about £260) - Review
    • AOC G2460PG (has G-Sync, and has really come down in price now - £250 at Currys, but the BenQ seems to have a better screen) - Review
    • Asus VG248QE (no G-sync, but otherwise looks pretty good, is cheap at about £210) - Review
    There are also various Acer offerings, some G-sync, some not.

    Am currently favouring the Benq XL2430T...
  2. Metalogic

    Premium Member