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received fiolder

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Steve O'Malley, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    Was in a Megane server and someone sent me a set up to my received folder. The folder showed (1) file but when I opened it there was nothing there.

    Do I need to change any setting to see the files?
  2. Two things that may help. Did you open the folder ingame while in the server? If so it may well be you need to click the 'Vehicle' Button so it changes to 'All' basicly that allows you to see all setups regardless of what vehicle your in - It may well be hes using a different upgrade to you that stops you being able to see the setup.

    Theres also a setting in 'yourname.plr' in your save folder. Basicly there are three options,
    1. Keep received setups while in server. (Keeps setups while your in that server, deletes when you exit)
    2. Keep setups after leaving server (Keeps setups in the folder forever)
    3. Don't receive setups (Or something similar to this option).
  3. i`m glad i read this thread, i`ve been meaning to edit this for a while :D

    Keep Received Setups="3" // 0=do not accept, 1=keep until next track, 2=keep until exit, 3=keep forever
  4. I think the problem may be that you were not viewing for all vehicles perhaps, or vice versa?
  5. Thanks for your help chaps. I changed to view all vehicles and changed the setting to 3. All good now.

    I have been surprised by the lack or active servers with plenty of drivers in though. I imagined the game was far bigger than it is and as there are so many mods I suppose it does tend to spread the players a bit thinner across servers.
  6. Alot of servers on the list are dedicated servers setup for practise. For example RD usually has the WTM League server up 24/7 not very often is it jam packed before race day.