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Misc Rebalanced Cars Performance 3.2

Changes at both cars and AI drivers to match real life.

  1. jajo240 submitted a new resource:

    Faster Williams Mod database mod - simple edit to database for a faster Williams

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  2. Just have to say, if you just edit the database, then that will only change it for the AI, not if the player drives the car..
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  3. If i change the database, I have to redo the career ??
  4. Oh right, i have edited the .ctf file but i forgot to put in the archive :D Later i will update the mod, thank you :thumbsup:
  5. In my case no, but in other mods of database the modder advise to create a new profile and start a new carreer, so i'm not sure, you should try, if you do, post here if works so i can edit the description :thumbsup:
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  6. Some changes in the database needs a new profile and career for to work and some don't... I have no idea on what changes that needs new :p
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  7. Sorry But I only get the database.bin file not the wi2.ctf file
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  8. Thanks for the information, now should be there, sorry for the inconvenience :redface:
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  9. Ok, after some tests i have discovered that for make this mod work you must create a new profile and start a new career, maybe it's possible that after you complete the season and start a new one the changes will be applied, i don't know yet, now i'm at Austrian Gp and Williams is on par with McLaren, i will try to complete the season and start a new one to see if there are any differences.
  10. jajo240 updated Faster Williams Mod (Database Mod) with a new update entry:

    Rebalanced Performance of all cars

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  11. Hi guys, thanks for the 400+ downloads you are awesome :D, if you find any bug or any mistake (for example if you think that a driver or a car should be less/more fast) just write in this thread, so if others have the same problem i can get more informations and i will try to fix as soon as i can, but keep in mind that until monday i don't have my pc so i can't edit anything ;)
  12. jajo240 updated Rebalanced Cars Performance with a new update entry:

    Slighty changed drivers performance & tyre wear

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  13. beautiful mod, it would be nice to have more tire wear on all machines in order to have 2 pit stop almost all the races the 50% ........... is it possible?
  14. Thanks :D
    And for your request i think that i not understand... Currently i'm racing at 50% and i always made 2 stops, even 3 in Austria :O_o:
  15. 1 in Spain GP
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  16. Oh, i see, i can increase the tyres wear for specific circuits, but i think that i won't be able to do the same with AI so the player may be in disadvantage, today i will try to fix this, thank you :thumbsup:
  17. Hi, i made a new little update to this mod, i changed the first driver of Williams and Red Bull so if you choose to drive one of them in career, you will replace Massa and Vettel instead of Bottas and Ricciardo (i don't know if i should so this even for McLaren, let me know if you prefer Button or Magnussen as your team mate). Unfortunately here in Italy has rained a lot and now my ADSL is down (in Italy doesn't rain much so when there is a lot of rain we aren't prepared :redface:) i hope to upload this update soon. Bye :)