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Really frustrating

Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by Kai Lohmann, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    Just got the Demo today and wanna take a ride but i am verry disapointed about the graphics.
    Im verry familiar with GFX setting but this game need some serious work to do!

    My system ...Gtx 570 phantom ,I5 2500K @ 4.4 ghz, 16gb ddr 3

    Main Problems:

    -Massive FPS drops either with or without vsync
    -Vsync doesnt work properly
    -AA isnt apllied on fences/lights trackobjects and so on , its looking really bad
    -Seems to be no way to override with Nvidia CP

    I enjoyed somehow the Scana Truck driving sim wich also got some GFX probs but its now really much worse.:thumbsdown:

  2. The game runs absolutely GREAT on my PC, supermsmooth and no problems at all APART from the FSAA which is quite bad also on my system. Nearby things look quite okay, but fences and stuff some 30 meters away look bad. In fact, as soon as I started the game I pressed ESC to go to the options because I thought the game was running at 640x480... I was surprised to see that everything was on the highest possible setting already...!

    Other then that I am quite surprised how nice things looked. Until now I never even kept a demo of a truck sim (I tried them all for years and years) but this is the first one that might stay on my PC... although they do need to fix FSAA.

    Anyway, I don't have stuttering, no fps drops, good vsync etc. so... it's not that the game is bad, period: it apparently is bad on some systems.

    O, what I REALLY miss is force feedback? Should there be any...? It feels totally odd to drive a heavy truck with my little finger on the wheel and no feedback at ALL... It spoils the immersion, really, and this alone might be a deal breaker.
  3. Its for sure the games gfx engine causes that on not my system. I can run nearly evrey game out there maxed out and even more. The overall looks are ok for sure but that AA problem is present since scania Truck driving sim , it wasnt that bad there but there and they never fixed that. We can just hope for the future.
  4. it was unplayable on my pc till i turned grfx way down, defo shouldn't struggle to run it on high setting
  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Running the full game with an amazing FPS on my old GTX 260. Performs fantastic here.
  6. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
    AC Paint Guru

    Obviously the game engine needs some serious optimization... My rig is a bit older and was able to run STDS (same engine) at a very nice graphics setting. Logically I used the same settings in ETS2 when I first played it...boy, was I wrong... Had to turn the graphics way down...
    I will create a ETS2 bug report thread so we can have all reported bugs in one place.
  7. But wich settings???
    No fps drops or anything? And AA is working for you?
  8. How many screens are you running .?could it be an issue for people using triple screens. ?
  9. Nah, only single here but its mentioned in the bugs subforum already now.
    Hope they spread a fix soon, like it alot between all that racing..:D
  10. No drops that I can notice, no... As I said AA is also a problem on my PC and it needs to be fixed: this is the only bug I've seen confirmed by everyone. The performance 'bug' seems quite system dependant.

    At first I had everything set to max manually but in order to see if I maybe made a mistake with the AA settings I simply selected the Ultra setting. AA didn't improve but performance stayed good, so I kept it at that. I visited some 10 cities now, drove during various times of day and didn't notice the big drops in frames some of you are talking about.