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Really bad brakes

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Terry Rock, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. F1 2010, while a nice game in many respects, has got serious brake issues. Not sure about the console versions....but the pc version got it all wrong. There is just way too long of a delay on application of maximum brake vs wheel lockup...even with saturation at it's highest and deadzone at zero. You can see this for yourself in a straight line test. Just sit in the cockpit with the settings above. Accelerate hard and then immediately brake to the maximum and watch how long it takes for the wheels to lockup. In some cases the car goes for a while before they do. It's really sad that this issue did not get addressed in the patch. Hopefully they'll get it next time around.
  2. Yeah totally agree its take too long to slow for a slow corner or hairpin, i use an xbox 360 controller and i find its slighty better to brake/release brake/release instead of just stamping on the brakes
  3. Indeed. Take for example the long straight on Yas Marina Circuit. In the game you gotta hit the brakes at the 150 sign, roughly. In reality they do it at the 100 sign.
  4. Use the engine to slow your self down. You can brake a lot later if you down shift quickly.
  5. Ah so that's why people downshift like there's no tomorrow. Just tested that and it does help.
  6. or if you are not using manual tranmission , tweak your gear ratio so that it downshifts without you having to do it.
  7. The brakes in this game are indeed far off a real f1 car which often brakes 50 mtrs later or more. However, the lap times are still much faster! ;-)
  8. I hope Codemasters or somebody in the modding community can come up with a fix to address this issue that won't cause online mismatches...and soon. It's a real shame it didn't get fixed in the first patch. I work with carbon brakes and the stopping force is like nothing you've ever experienced...ever. They'll flat-out lift you out of your seat on application once the core temp is optimal.
  9. The brakes dont slow the car down fast enough, but i dont think locking is a big issue, F1 drivers use full brake pressure to slow the car down at high speeds without locking, its only when the car starts to get slower and the brake pressure exceeds the force of momentum of the car and the grip of the tyres when locking occurs, so you should be able to fully brake and then ease off the brakes as the car gets slower to avoid locking.

    Tho the cars take too long to slow down with the brakes, also you cant use any form of trail braking in the car, the wheels simply lock and the car wont turn even with the slightest ammount of brake pressure, so using the brakes as part of the way you drive and steer is not possible. Its easy to work around it but feels strange to me to back to it after driving Iracing and FVA where trail braking makes you much faster if you can use it right.

    At suzuka i noticed my car had almost double the braking distance of the real F1 cars, so they really do underpeform in this area.