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Database Realistic tyre wear and pit stops 4.0

Realistic tyre wear and pit stops

  1. newboots7 submitted a new resource:

    Realistic tyre wear and pit stops - Realistic tyre wear and pit stops

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  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member

    I actually think the tyre wear would be more realistic if it were more aggressive.

    IRL @ Korea, the Super Softs only lasted 8-12 laps, but in game I can eek at least 15-16 out of them.
  3. I don´t understand the diference in the pits.
  4. In the original CM db they had Korea as a low tyre wear track, I've updated that and with this they'll last for about that.

    The AI will make the same number of stops at a track as in real life, for example they will 2 stop at Korea, 3 stop at Silverstone etc.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2013
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  5. I gues thats with 100% race
  6. Same for all lengths. The races are scaled.
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  7. But your team will still make the pit stop in around 4 seconds? That's not real
  8. 2 stops in australia?
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  9. indeed, sometimes it even lasts 7 seconds (happened twice to me)
  10. Yes, but last weeks race at Suzuka the teams were doing pit stops under 3 seconds. So it can be right also.
  11. The wear is better, thank you.
  12. very nice! But one question: do i have to start a new career or does the changes work properly with the old savegame?

    thanks in advance
  13. That´s what i want to know...too...
  14. It worked for me with my old savegame.
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  15. Can you share with us which rows in the database was changed and I'll be the one to edit the database myself. I want to use this with other database mods. thanks
  16. Good work!
    Any plans to do the same for Update 2?
  17. Fantastic work bro
  18. Brilliant!
  19. I'll release one including the latest cm patches tomorrow.
  20. Thank You!