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Realistic Mod?

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by KennyBarroz, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. I have been thinking about making MotoGP14 more realistic, not only with the way the bikes react to acceleration and braking, but for example when you turn of TC, the bike should make crazy front lift. I dont know how to do this, but if you could also remove the wheelie control that would be amazing! The game feels quite stiff with these restrictions.

    Does anyone know what to change or how to change the wheelie control or how to lighten the front wheel when power comes on. Espesially the twostrokes. Just look at this video how the bikes looks more alive! (Start from 8m35s)

    Any one want to help out on this mod it would be awsome!
  2. rkh


    are your settings on Pro and Realistic? Only way to get that. My physics model is amazing. Bike wobbles on too much gas, starts acting up on hard braking. All good here. No need for a mod there, in fact, I think these physics are a huge improvement. Not sure why, but everything you are looking for, my game is doing that.
  3. Maybe look in data/physics/vehicles - there are all physics for all bikes, but I dont know if there is what you want change.
  4. Hi! Yeah my settings are Realistic, but it does not change the fact that the game has wheelie controll and that the bikes dont wheelie on there own (very very hard) unless you lean back.

    The game is a huge improvement from the other SBX and MotoGP games, but it just lacks this realistic feel in my opinion.

    I will look there and see if i can change somethings. thanks!
  5. So i have now tried out MotoGP class (for the first time since i got the game back in August)
    and i must say that those bikes compared to the Legend bikes are much more powerful which do make the bikes come alive much easier then less powerful 500cc twostroke...

    It should not be like this if you ask me, but sure, the 1000cc motoGP bikes do come alive in a way that the legends bike cant. Most because of the power and brakes that seems to be much much better.

    So i guess the MOD needs to be based on the tuning/weight of the motoGP1000cc bikes to make it more alive.... Anyone know how to copy/paste that information?