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Realistic FFB v3.0

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Roberto Costa, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Real Feel FFB for F1 2012 v5.2

    Updated - Version 5.2

    ==============Real Feel FFB MOD for F1 2012 v5.2=========================

    MOD: This modification brings more realism to the FFB in racing wheels making the game
    "feels" more realistic and much better to play.


    This is the latest version 5.2 (19/10/2012) and it brings:

    8 Forcefeedback files for you to choose the one you like! (Plus the backup file for unnistall)
    You can see more details on the changes below, but in short:

    1 - Light - Enables tarmac effect, gear change effects, front wheel lock and real wheel spin effects, also increase the values for suspension effects. All increased just a bit (All values were scaled in a uniform way);

    2 - Normal - Enables tarmac effect, gear change effectss, front wheel lock and real wheel spin effect, also increase the values for suspension effects and adds more weight to the racing wheel. Values increased in a moderate way (All values were scaled in a uniform way);

    3 - Strong - Enables tarmac effect, gear change effectss, front wheel lock and real wheel spin effect, also increase the values for suspension effects and adds more weight to the racing wheel. Values increased with higher values than Light and Normal versions but not too much. (All values were scaled in a uniform way);

    4 - Strong Less Tarmac - Same as version 3 but with a "lighter" tarmac effect;

    5 - Realistic No Tarmac - Effects like suspension effects are much increased to reflect bumps and other track related effects, racing wheel weight is related to car actual speed, gear changes have a higher effect and it starts strong then goes light as you shift up (ex: Gear 1 very strong effect, gear 7 very light effect), rumblestrip values were tweaked and now you can feel every rumblestrip effect, also rumblestrip max effect was reduced since CM believes that a rumblestrip is like running on a cobblestone track. Loss of grip effects added and increased for rear wheel slip and front wheel lock ups. This version doesn't includes the tarmac effect. (Values were not scaled in a uniform way - this helps to add realism and keep the feedback);
    6 - Realistic Low Tarmac - Tarmact effect enabled AND tweaked on all the realistic versions, its not like before, now the tarmac effect doesn't feel like and helicopter!!! Except for the light tarmac effect added, all other changes are the same as version 5 above. (Values were not scaled in a uniform way)

    7 - Realistic Medium Tarmac - Tarmact effect enabled AND tweaked on all the realistic versions, its not like before, now the tarmac effect doesn't feel like and helicopter!!! Except for the light tarmac effect added, all other modifications are the same as version 5 above. (Best one IMHO) (Values were not scaled in a uniform way

    8 - Realistic High Tarmac - Same as 6 and 7 but with a higher tarmac effect. Looks very nice on some tracks, but may be too much on some tracks like Monaco or Interlagos. (Values were not scaled in a uniform way

    ============================Detailed changes=========================
    If you want to change an specific effect just open the file with notepad/notepad++ and use the description below as a guide.

    1 - Light:
    Tarmac = 0.05 / Default is 0.0 / Overall scale multiplier 1.0 / Default is 0.9
    Gears - 1st = 1.0 2nd = 0.95 3rd = 0.85 4th = 0.7 5th = 0.6 6th = 0.5 7th = 0.4 / Default is 0 for all gears
    Steering = 1.0 force = 1.0 / Same as default, just increased the wheel weight a bit when car is faster
    Wheel Slip (Steering) = 1.0 / Same as default
    Suspension = 0.9 / Default is 0.5
    FrontWheelLock = 0.9 / Default is 0.0 (Not sure if is just me but, i can't feel it even with the strong ver).
    RearWheelSpin = 0.9 / Default is 0.0
    RearWheelSlip = 0.9 / Default is 0.0
    2 - Normal:
    Tarmac = 0.06 / Overal scale multiplier 1.1
    Gears = 1st - 1.3 2nd = 1.15 3rd = 1.0 4th = 0.9 5th = 0.8 6th = 0.7 7th = 0.6
    Steering = 1.2 force = 1.2
    Wheel Slip (Steering) = 1.2
    Suspension = 1.2
    FrontWheelLock = 1.2
    RearWheelSpin = 1.2
    RearWheelSlip = 1.2
    3 - Strong:
    Tarmac = 0.10 / Overal scale multiplier 1.2
    Gears = 1st - 1.5 2nd = 1.35 3rd = 1.2 4th = 1.0 5th = 0.9 6th = 0.8 7th = 0.7
    Steering = 1.5 force = 1.5
    Wheel Slip (Steering) = 1.5
    Suspension = 1.6
    FrontWheelLock = 1.6
    RearWheelSpin = 1.6
    RearWheelSlip = 1.6
    4 - Strong less tarmac:
    Tarmac = 0.05 / Overal scale multiplier 1.1 - Fit in between the light and medium version!
    Gears = 1st - 1.5 2nd = 1.35 3rd = 1.2 4th = 1.0 5th = 0.9 6th = 0.8 7th = 0.7
    Steering = 1.5 force = 1.5
    Wheel Slip (Steering) = 1.5
    Suspension = 1.6
    FrontWheelLock = 1.6
    RearWheelSpin = 1.6
    RearWheelSlip = 1.6

    5 - 8 - Realistic Versions (Basic changes):
    Rumblestips: scaleLow="0.15" scaleHigh="0.9" / Default 0.0 and 1.0
    Gears = 1st - 1.6 2nd = 1.45 3rd = 1.3 4th = 1.2 5th = 1.0 6th = 0.9 7th = 0.8 / Default is disabled
    Steering = 3.5 force = 3.5 / Default 1.0
    Wheel Slip (Steering) = 3.5 / Default 1.0
    Suspension = 3.3 / Default is 0.5
    FrontWheelLock = 3.5 / Default is 0.0
    RearWheelSpin = 3.5 / Default is 0.0
    RearWheelSlip = 3.5 / Default is 0.0

    Tarmac changes on Realistic versions:
    No Tarmac = 0.0 / Default 0.0
    Low Tarmac = 0.06 / Default 0.0
    Medium Tarmac = 0.09 / Default 0.0
    High Tarmac = 0.12 / Default 0.0


    After playing F1 2012 for 2 weeks i was really upset with the FFB, for me the CM's FFB is one of the worst FFB ever. So i tryied to search for some mods and luckly i found Venom's FFB mod (link below).

    Venom's F1 2012 Force FeedBack "Road Feel"

    After using Venom's awesome mod i saw that the Bugmasters FFB could be improved a lot, its just CM who doesn't want to, but the FFB works if you change the file settings, so i decided to make my own mod.
    Venom: Thanks for the mod and inspiration. (This is not your mod modded, its a new one ;)).

    The FFB was totally redone, i tweaked everything on the effectsetup file and enabled some effects.

    Its far from perfect, but now its more like an rFactor/GSC than the CM's Dead Feedback (At least for the Realistic version)

    As for settings, i recommend that in game you change the FFB settings and use the "enviroment" settings a little higher than the wheel weight. Something like 10% difference should do.

    The file was created using a G27 racing wheel with all effects (in game FFB) at 50% and using a car default setup, tracks were Brazil, Monaco, Silverstone, Melbourne and Suzuka. It should work on ALL racing wheels, stronger/lighter effects on different wheels. Also the FFB in game still the same, so you can change the settings the way you like it.
    Im using the Realistic medium tarmac version, my in-game settings are:
    Maybe just me, or just with the G27 but it looks like if you use the wheel weight value higher then the effect values, you will feel less effects since the racing wheel engine is using more power to add weight to the wheel.

    Don't download it if you use a controller, its just for racing wheels with Force Feed Back.

    ------> Download here

    Mod edit - mod re-hosted 22/10/2013 and link is now live, as this file was lost when the microdownloads were wiped

    Sorry about the English.
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  2. Still didn't download it but will try ASAP!! Thanks alot!! I'm using a G27 btw :)
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  3. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Used the other one and will definitely give this one a shot as well. :)
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  4. Roberto, have a T500RS F1 wheel auditioned only one 3 laps using your Mod (strong) and found fantastic.
    The feeling is different, the effects are remarkable now, excited to play.

    Unfortunately I'm out of time to test the other two options. Anyway from what little I've tested recommend.

    I had tested the mod and the venom is also a beautiful job.

    Great job.
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  5. Karuosu, thanks for the reply!

    I've spent a lot of time trying to fix the original FFB. Still not something to say: Hey thats awesome. But i guess its much better to play using it.
    Also thanks for telling about the wheel and version you are using.
    I only play with the strong version. Tomorrow i'll try some other settings and see if i make it better.
    At least using the G27, the best FFB i found so far is using the strong mod and in game FFB 40%/50%/30%. Wheel still much heavier than default.

    Thanks again! :thumbsup:
  6. Roberto, my setup in play 50% 30% 100% one of the strengths of the T500RS is the silence when the FFB effects.

    You're from Brazil, right?
    We will combine playing.

    Pass me your Steam

    thank you
  7. I'll try these settings with G27 and see how it goes :thumbsup:
    Yeap, im from Brazil.
    Its "Bobback" feel free to add!!! :D
  8. Liked it, but it's now too violent for me. The medium did not cut it, and a minor complaint was that it wasn't intuitive. All the important slip and traction feedback gets overpowered by the bumps.

    I'm using 30-40-30 on ingame FFB and 107% at 243 degrees rotation on my G27
  9. I've noticed some of that also.
    Added a new version called recommended. Final version.
    This file now increases the value at the same ammount, should be the best one to play :)
  11. gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Gopher04

    Old But Not Obsolete Premium

    The center vibration is just way over the top now...All i wanted against the original is just more weight to the wheel.
  13. Hi

    You can do this:

    Change the scale here:
    <FFBEffectSteering scale="1.5" frictionThresholdLow="0" frictionLow="50" frictionThresholdHigh="70" frictionHigh="20" forceScale="1.5" forceThresholdLow="0" forceLow="0.2" forceThresholdHigh="70" forceHigh="3"/>

    Change to 2.0 or even more, see the one you like it.
    If you want less vibration on tarmac, just reduce here:

    <FFBSurface scale="0.1" name="TARMAC" grip="1.0" thresholdLow="5.0" thresholdHigh="10.0" freqLow="26.0" freqHigh="52.0" scaleLow="0.0" scaleHigh="1.0" length="0.1" sample="tarmac"/>

    Something like 0.07 should be enough. :thumbsup:
  14. Please try the "recommended" file i've added.
    It works with the normal ffb from CM? I don't see why isn't working.
  15. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Alright, so I paid a visit to Korea and installed the "Recommended" file before I did. My wheel was constantly moving and never ceased to make noises. It was great but I was actually afraid my wheel would fall apart. I'd like to try slightly lighter effects - what's one step down from the version I've been using? Normal? Light? :)

    (T500RS + GT rim ( :mad: ) , all FFB effects in both F1 2012 and the Windows panel maxed out. I like it rough. :p)
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  16. I've tried your settings with the strong, i've to turned down the environmental effects.
    G27 with 110% FF, 420 Rot., 10% Spring ( to eliminate some dead zone).
    In game Sat 30%, Lin 20%, Env 30%, FF 100% and Wheigt 60%.
    I don't know if i had any problem in my wheel, cause i see a lot of people with very low settings o FF strenght.
    I use this Cam
    and now i'm almost 100% G27 and the Wheel in game.

    Obrigado ;)
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  17. There is 2 things that really makes difference: the wheel and the track. Maybe even the car setup. Im using the recommended version too. Just raced in Brazil, 50% race. My car was shaking almost all the track, but my wheel just a little, did a last tweak now and it feels good IMO.
    I uploaded a new version. Now all of them are like the "recommended". All were redone today.
    Its not with the exact same values now Tom, so i would recommend that you try the new strong version, is very similar to the recommended one, if you believe it still is too strong, then go for the normal version. Now you can check the values at the beginning of the thread. ;)
  18. @MJRL
    I'll try 10% spring to see if i like it. For now im using FF 100% in the profiler and every other option at 0%. In game im using 40-50-30 and just linearity at 6-10%.
    I like some hard feedback :D
    So i'll try the strong version tomorrow with the effects + ffb at 100%.
    Wheel weight feels very good to me using strong version + 30% in game.
    Every track has a different "feel", thats why its hard to find something more perfect. Some tracks i was sure that kerbs were perfect, but then on some tracks i wasn't liking. :(
    At least with the strong version i can feel some effects that i wasn't able to notice before.
    Example: Interlagos, as soon as you exit the S turn and start the straight (DRS zone) if you go wide and hit the kerbs on the start of the straigh at the right right side, you can feel the kerbs will force the car to go back to the track. IMO that is very good, as it should be default, but with the original ffb file, i did this a lot of times and nothing happens.
    So IMO is very good now, at least much better then the dead feedback from CM :roflmao:
    About the screen, i would love to use this view with a triple screen! :D
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  19. Strong version with removed tarmac vibration is great for my T500rs F1. I believe this tarmac vibration mask other effects so i dont use it. The vibration is also constant so it feels unatural.
  20. Good point!
    The only problem to me is that i see my car "vibrating" on the track and no effect on the wheel if a disable the tarmac, this gets me bored! :roflmao:

    EDIT: I'll update the file with a new version, gonna add the strong version with less tarmac effect. So 4 versions. Thanks for the feedback Frank!