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Misc Realistic F1 - More Agressive and Faster AI 2

Ai is More Aggressive, Less Accidents, Drives a Better Racing Line!!! 1 to 2 Seconds Faster Laps

  1. electrogear4 submitted a new resource:

    Smarter, Faster Ai... on all levels. - 1 to 2 seconds faster qualifying times and lap times in all levels. Amateur to Legend

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  2. realitychecked


    Is the title of the mod a joke or is humanity decreasing the IQ levels?
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  3. I dOn"""t knoW, u tell mE,,, :rolleyes:

    Kidding. Looks like an interesting mod. Might give it a go.
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  4. oribably right i tested on my game, when I think about it now, it wouldnt corrupt where it came from,

    anyone out there please let me know if your save games were read or not???