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Misc Realistic exhaust flames for all cars 1.0

Options of blue or orange/blue flames

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    Realistic exhaust flames for all cars - Options of blue or orange/blue flames

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  2. good mod:thumbsup:
  3. As the mod requires additional resources to render the flames, there may be problem to render the ai vehicles if there is not enough resources from your computer.
    You may try lower graphics setting, avoid hd textures or upgrade the graphic card.
    I have no problem as shown here with unmodded game and medium graphic setting.
  4. Just a simple trick if you know how: no editing of database or liveries or cars' names. Useful for modders to check their mods, hehe.
  5. Blue Fire is more realistic. The activity should be dependent on the work of the engine mixs 1-- mix 2--- mix 3 :)
  6. Nice mod and looks great in action ... good job ! :)
  7. Could you please send me the original files as i forgot to backup, please thanks
  8. f1 2013 classic cars have exhaust flames though. can you use that?