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Misc Realistic Damage Mod 1.0

Realistic Damage Mod

  1. thrashersfreak submitted a new resource:

    Realistic Damage Mod - Realistic Damage Mod

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  2. damn would loved to have tried but this mod clashes with the 2016 engine performance mod.
  3. I feel that, but could be worth it. Unless the modders come to some kind of agreement and, combine them??? Who knows xD
  4. technically it is possible, sure
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  5. Infact, you could have a crack at it yourself maybe. Depends how much free time you have I guess, and your knowledge. I'm sure alot of people would appreciate it!
  6. can someone make a videoļ¼Ÿ
    i can know what the difference is
  7. Good job your mod add more feelings and realism in game, for more fell can you increase the puncture probability when a front wing hit a wheel, or when we rides on debris for example.
    Good job, and have a nice day !
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  8. Yes that would be great if that was possible. But nonetheless GREAT mod!!!
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  9. I have to check if that is possible, I will give it a try in the next few days.
  10. Ok thank's, another question than I'm don't sure if it's possible but when you hit the whall or an another car and your wheel is gone, safety FIA regulation requires cable ties wheels. can you model this on the game ?
  11. which cells they have changed?
  12. @thrashersfreak thanks ever so much for this mod, your the greatest f1 2015 modder:)
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  13. how i can install the mod
  14. I have the same question, how is the mod installed? Just copying the mod folder in the main folder of the game? Thankss
  15. yes just copy in the main game folder and let the files overwrite
  16. If you could do it also for the 2014 cars in F1 2015 it would be awesome!
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