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Realism questions

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Rubenslash, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. I've been playing the free version of this game for a while now (basically some races on the track of Algarve) and I've a few questions before I buy the full game:

    1) What about the damage system? Even when crashing hard, the car is still not damaged. Do the damage settings change when you have the full game or is it really this arcade?

    2) It seems that I can't put on the full flag rules, I can only choose between 'black flag only' or 'no flags'. I assume this change with the full game?

    3) I can not choose (or have not find yet) the fuel settings when doing my setup. Can you choose the amount of fuel you wish to start with or not?

    4) The AI seems to be worse than in the Race 07/GTR Evolution games of Simbin. Basically in every race I start, the first few turns they are really bumping into my rear. Is it better in the full game (DTM/ADAC/...) or are they planning to fix this?

    Basically I loved Race 07/GTR Evolution and its expansions but these games are a bit outdated now. I love the concept of this game but would first like to know the answers on my questions before buying this game.

    Thanks in advance
  2. 1) damage model not fully implemented yet. There are servers where you have to take care of your shifting and damages from collisions and such otherwise: race over.

    2)flag rules not fully implemented yet

    3)fuel is standard (100L) for all cars. There are no options to change it at the moment but will be added at a later stage. There is fuel consumption tho, so you would expect your car being slightly faster in the long run (more visible if you run Endurance races like Procar on Nurburgring where the race is 30 min long)

    4) try to switch to Adaptive AI and run a single race event doing practice and quality sessions first. You should have a fair challenge during race. AI is still rough on some edges but honestly I find it to be the best one around (after gsce's Mini probably!). Try to exercise caution in the very early laps cause AI tends to be a bit aggressive there and to get the space it wants. It becomes more enjoyable after the cars have spaced out
  3. So it means that they are working on the first three points and we could expect it somewhere in the future? That's good news then :)
  4. Well the AI gets tweaked with every patch release so that means it's still being worked on. Just try to make some test with the AAI and the regular one changing the difficulty level until you find what's best for you
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    James Nance
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    Trust me its improving very well ;)
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