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Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Kevin Pheiffer, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. Hey guys

    The question of realfeel and FFB seems to come up on every forum and most topics that I've read.
    The guys in my league are always asking me as well. It's too strong, too weak or just doesn't work.
    I think what is needed is someone who is really jacked up on this and that has a bit of time, to explain in easy to understand terms how to set it up or change it for all the wheels out there.
    It would seem that this problem is holding the game back somewhat, if you read some of the entry's. If anybody could, please explain how to set up and what to check to get it all working properly.
    The question pops up every day.
    I myself don't use FFB so I have no clue, but I know there are tons of guys out there that would enjoy the game more if they had a guide to setting up their wheel.
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  2. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    For too strong or weak, edit the realfeel.ini and change the maxforce steering rack value. There are also some keys with keyboard but I dont have the picture with me.
    For the "no ffb" , it is a bit strange. Never seen that...
  3. I switch mine off. Drive better without it! LOL
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  4. Nox

    Staff Member Premium Member

    I haven't a clue why someone would choose to turn off the FFB, or how someone could drive better. It's like deliberately putting a patch over one eye, deliberately reducing the feedback you receive from the car. Makes no sense to me. But if it works for you...
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  5. ouvert

    Premium Member

    well bad FFB could be worst than no FFB I guess .. you don`t have mass trasfer that may put you off, you can be more on edge cause you don`t know you are on edge, even recovering slide could be easier if you don`t have forces that may confuse you if your settings are bad or FFB implementation is bad .. so it could be easier but i don`t think you could be faster than with well set FFB .. and there is immersion thingy too :) .. couldn`t drive like this .. it is like cooking without taste ..
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  6. Well, I don't have a very good wheel. All it really does is shake like hell. I'm used to driving with it and I'm not an alien, but getting faster by the week. As long as I'm having fun, that"s what counts I suppose.
    The question isn't about me, but a lot of drivers ask me about FFB and of course, I don't know, that's why I asked.
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  7. Anyone can share more on this, especially for relatively newbies in sims? I've no experience with rF2 or the like, so perhaps some details on how to setup the parameters in the ini files? Are there other files too? Thanks.
  8. Anyone knows why DRM-mod's steering feel is like ****? I copied those Rf-lines from mod's ini to GSC's Rf ini, but at least with CSW feel is horrible. It just like when you have force direction wrong(reversed or normal). Tried to put minus sign in front to maximum force but then it was even more worse. So what's wrong with this mod's Rf-settings?

    edit here in example is mod's BMW320 rf-values

    [BMW 320:]

    In this case i tried to take out that minus, but steering wasn't better.
  9. Fabio Rodrigues

    Fabio Rodrigues
    Reiza Studios Community Manager

    One thing that I've found with realfeel and mods is that you really shouldn't simply copy the mod's settings into your realfeelplugin.ini file *before* testing the car. Because sometimes the headings are different. That seems to be the case in the DRM mod.

    What I mean is this: the mod's "realfeel_parameters.txt" file has the heading exactly as you posted, [BMW 320:]. But once I actually ran the car in GSCE, it created a heading called [BMW 3], and gave it default settings. This latter one is the one you should change to match the mod's file. Simply adding [BMW 320:] won't do anything.

    So, to recap, the best procedure to install realfeel in mod cars is this:

    a) Select the car you want to drive, load a track, try to exit the pits, curse the completely wrong FFB;

    b) exit the game completely, open the realfeelplugin.ini file, scroll down to the bottom, the game should have created a new entry.

    c) find the correct settings in the mod's realfeel file, and use them to overwrite the ones the game created (not the heading, though! Only the lines below it). Close the file, save the changes.

    d) try loading a track again. This time it should work! Then repeat the procedure for every other car in the mod.

    Hope this helps :)
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  10. Raikku:

    If those values are you posted are indeed the mod's suggested values after attempting Fabio's correct method, it's possible you're clipping with those values. Try the following and see if it improves:

  11. Problem is not clipping, it's whole steering feel, as I said it's just like when you have forces in wrong direction- in centre there's almost nothing and when turned a little wheel pulls itself to that direction. Only difference from force direction-error is that effect is little bit less forceful.
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  12. jwa


    where does the rfm file that comes with the game data file of a mod go?
  13. Have you tried putting the FFB slider to -100 (minus 100). Just try it. (in controller settings in game).:cool:
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  14. Sounds like all the OP need do is reverse the FFB value (i.e. -50 to 50, or 50 to -50) in the Options screen.

    BTW, is there any way to guess in advance whether a given mod's correct FFB "polarity" (for lack of a better word) is positive or negative?

    Finally, is the correct "polarity" universal, wheel specific, correlated to another variable, or essentially random?

  15. Yeah. Would have been nice if Raikku had told us if he had fixed it and thanked us. ;):rolleyes:
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  16. Spot on, Andy. Just a few years back, at SimHq, in the flight sims community, any help would almost always be met with a polite thanks and some feedback.

    Nowadays...just an example from another (well known) simracing site. A colleague of mine helped a couple of posters with problems related to a certain next-gen sim. Days later after his posts (with everything thoroughly detailed) he noted/posted that it would be nice to see how things went for those guys. A handful of posters (unrelated to the people with the original problems) mocked him with "get over it, this is the internet", "what do you want, kisses?".

    Hence why so many knowledgeable people stopped helping others.

    I recommend another practice, though... :)
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  17. Some people eh Chronos ! :cool: