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Porsche Posse (LIVE)


Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Rob Every, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Am having some trouble with the realfeel addon

    I am used to using Vista and having just upgraded to 7 feel this is probably just a usability thing.

    I have repeatedly downloaded the Realfeel addon and am using WinZip to unpack it.

    I only get a .dll file and a readme. There should also be a .ini file that can be modified in notepad yes?

    Is it not being recognised by the packer? Or is something going on I am missing?

    I use this ini to modify a few settings and had no issues opening it in Vista. The download is from RFC so should be fine?
  2. There is 2 files, once you load up rfactor and click race to head out onto the track. ESC back out and the ini file in your rfactor directory will appear.
  3. OK guys, sorry for the later reply, this fixed the problems

    I am suffering a little though with really heavy steering! Can any of you drop in the profiler settings you are using so I can experiment a bit? It's bearable, but on certain mods like Enduracers the feedback is not that great unless the steering is really very heavy, so much so that on my G25 I can't use seq shift as two hands are needed!! lol
  4. heres a good line for the start of the ini

    65535 is the max and is said by the realfeel devs to increase ffb resolution (you can change the strength through changing the ForceAtSteeringRack without causing it to lose all its strength or get too strong from small changes) you can change the strength in infinately small increments so you dont ever have it too weak or strong.