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RealFeel plugin

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Eric. K, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. Just installed it and was wondering if anyone has good setttings for the MMG F1 cars? Right now it feels very soft.
  2. i just use the default... maybe that's why i keep crashing them? :D
  3. lol Andrew... there is so much posted on this subject... my head hurts...:)

    I have to say I am amazed at the quantity of mods for this game. At first it looks soooo blaaa as compared to GTR, but after some digging it is just awesome!!!
  4. yup, i'm loving rF more and more and more.... there's so much goodness!
  5. A good place for RealFeel settings is rFactor Central - try this direct link. Check for the high ratings, as there are usually a few for each mod.

    Of course they may not suite your style, but they're always a good starting point.
  6. The problem with Realfeel is that the feedback force each of us feels is unique, due to our unique setups at both a hardware (wheel type) and software level (Windows driver revision used; Windows Control Panel settings; controller.ini tweaks; in-game wheel settings).

    The key thing is to set Realfeel so that the hardest normal force experienced by the steering rack is 100% of feedback you get. It is common for sim racers to set Realfeel too low, as they do not like the softness of their wheel when travelling in a straight line.

    • Read the flippin manual to get the basics sorted out
    • Edit the realfeel.ini so that the console mode is enabled
    • Launch the rfactor config, drop down from your normal resloution and enable windowed mode
    • Start up rfactor, select a mod and a track with some good tarmac bumps such as the full course of Oulton 2005
    • Position your rf window and Realfeel console so that you can at least see the "%" column of the latter (helps to expand this console window to whole height of your monitor)
    • Drive round your test track, keeping an eye on the % value, especially through corners and bumpy sections
    • Use left Ctrl + Numpad 7/9 for 1000 unit changes; right Ctrl for 100 unit changes
    • If the steering feels really odd going just off straight on either side, press right Ctrl + Numpad 8
    Sounds a hassle, but it really is worth spending a few minutes of your time to get values that are right for your setup!
  7. Great. Thanks. I'll give it a trial.
  8. Thanks also, I didn't know we could tune RealFeel this way !
Thread Status:
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