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Misc RealFeel FFB Project Cars by JC Spadon 3.0 Final

New real FFB project for pCars

  1. bbspadon submitted a new resource:

    New FFB pCars, GTR² like (beta version) - New FFB project for pCars

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  2. I drive with a fanatec V2 with the settings from jack spade (the settings around the data sheet) and your FFB is to much. Its only shaking. Which wheel are you driving?
  3. t300 rs
  4. I really want to use this but then I saw that you use 7% of dead zone ?!? :confused:
    I mean, I don't know that language but I'm quite sure that's number 7 stands for "dead zone".
    Now... why would anyone with perfectly good wheel would want to use as much as 7% of dead zone... (it must be 0%! perhaps 1 or 2, if you start to notice your wheel is geting loose) I honestly can't understand. :speechless:
    So that why I start to doubt in your judgement as a FF expert. Sorry.
  5. "that why I start to doubt in your judgement as a FF expert. Sorry."
    You're right to doubt, I'm not! I'm just a simracer, and i was searching a better feelling. If you can do better, I'll be impatient to try, because this FFB could be better for sure. But for now, i wanted to share my job, for free, nothing else. Something wrong with that?
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  6. You're right, it should be at 1%. It's a mistake in the screenshots, it was just after put the default values of the t300rs in the game, and i forgot to change theses values! I'll change the screens, thanks for telling me!
    Anyway did you try it?
  7. No, I didn't.
    Not that I didn't want it but I can't cause I'm at work right now. But I'll test it as soon I come home and I'll tell you my honest opinion then. I would even tell you with which car I will test it first :D since I prefer open wheel and indy cars I'll do it with that Dallara Indy car. Then couple more open wheel cars and couple more regular racing cars.
    Btw, I'm glad it was a mistake that 7%. It was really way too much, glad I help. And I didn't want, like some, to give you one, two or three stars, I just want to tell you my opinion here and stars will come later, after some testing. :)
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  8. Your opinion will be usefull, I'm less used to drive open wheel than GT, probably you'll give me good advices :)
  9. Esox71

    Premium Member

    Sorry for noob question but where to i put this?
  10. can you explain why you changed the configuration in the game too and not only the datas of jack spade files? I'll try to understand why the changes?
  11. As explained in file, into C:\Users\xxxxxx\Documents\Project CARS\ , same as J.Spade files
  12. Esox71

    Premium Member

    Thanks :)
  13. Because some values I put are not in the game. In the main menu, it's for global configuration. In my files, it's for each car, and some values of zforces are > 2, and that, it's impossible by the menu
  14. Do you have an English version?
    Never mind, I translated it all.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2016
  15. I have a problem... After installing it step by step, my game recognizes a 450° input as 900°.

    It keeps that way even after I deleted the files. Reconfiguration doesn't work.

    Help! :(
  16. Its not the files. Check your profiler (windows), or the profile you use in the game. What is yiur wheel?
  17. Somehow, a simple computerrestart made all go well. But I cannot use the files fully. If I raise the steering gain above 1.00 I suffer very bad clipping. I use a Logitech G29.
  18. And if you decrease the forcefeedback value to 50-60% in logitech profiler instead?