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Realfeel: create new car settings

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Sk3ptik0n, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. In rFactor a new mod would automatically create an entry in realfeel.ini, but I don't think that's happening in the GSC version.

    I have a couple of mods that I would like to fine tune, but I don't know how. I'd hate to sit there and make changes and refinements only to discover I had the car name wrong or something like that.

    In addition, since they introduced the sync app, I set realfeel to be readonly so that syncing would not wipe out the cars that I have in there which I copied from the mods (those that have realfeel settings).

    I guess the thing I need to know (aside from any info that may set me straight on the way I understand RF in GSC) is where do I get the name of the car. I haven't been able to find a pattern.

    For instance, the Formula Retro name is pretty much everywhere F_retro. I think there is one line in the Vhe file where it mentions "retro" alone. But in nRF the entry is named [RETRO].

    If anyone knows how that works, I'd be very thankful.
  2. Lazarou


    It takes the realfeel entry from the description in the .veh file. It uses the first five letters of the description.


    Description="Lotus #12"

    Would mean Lotus is the realfeel entry


    Backup your realfeel file as well before syncing so you can just copy it back in to the game folder.
  3. Thanks for these info, to those who've shared.

    I've got some mods that don't have realfeel.ini files, I believe GSC will create defaults but not necessarily accurate? If not, can some those w/ certain mods, perhaps share their ini files? I would like to try them out, and hopefully help make setting the mods up bit easier? FWIW, I'm using a G27. Thanks.
  4. Thanks @roby13, and for the link too in another thread. Was just hoping some who've setup their ini's already would help, for us relatively new in sims. Not even sure how to operate Motec. Anyhow, thanks.