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WIP real track called "lohjan pienoisralli ss1 4.7km

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by madmike, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. and here also some video on the stage [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv8TxJrV1g0[/ame]
  2. updated video:wink2: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30zLyBc_bQo[/ame]
  3. Superb job - once again!

    As I have said earlier, your tracks are probably the best thing happened to RRB since its release. Both your imaginary and real Finnish tracks are the thing that many of us have waited for a long time.

    You have quite many projects going on and I really hope you have inspiration and time to also finish your tracks when the BTB 0.9 is released. I understood that you are waiting for it.


    * More spectators, please, it won't kill fps.

    * The road surface isn't detailed enough. You should add a little bumps and ruts, cambers etc. along the track - now it's way too flat - even though the Finnish roads are in very good condition.

    * It's great that you pay some attention to ditches! They're really important when trying to achieve the feeling of Finnish roads. But in some places they should be wider. Why? Because RBR physics engine doesn't seem to handle narrow ditches too well. In some cases, it's too easy to drive over a ditch without almost any affect on driving. With a bit wider ditches the physics engine would recognize the ditches better. Consider doubling the width of your narrowest ditches.

    All of the above just as a constructive criticism - I really do like and appreciate what you're doing. I would be working on similar projects if I had time. Right now I'm just wayyyyyy to busy with my studies. :/
  4. Hi madmike, once again. ;) From what I can tell (looking your video) this seems to be your best track yet. As you required, Id like to give you feedback.

    Layout, well what can I say since its based on a real track, simply great work.
    Lets come to some advices:
    -Track is really to short
    -Background (when looking far left/right to the track). There need to be more trees / grass whatever.

    0:26 =>Flat bitmap trees to the right and left+no grass around=> Really needs update!

    1:44 =>No real background to the left side (just blue sky???)

    2:12=> same as above (right side)

    0:50=> try to use some more trees before the bitmap tree line on the left

    0:53=> try to make the road flat at the edges, without these "hole" lines at the road edge where the car almost crashes.

    Thats all so far! :D
  5. PMM


  6. Well, I ran the stage a couple more times and tested the ditches. They aren't actually that bad. Still I would recommend widening the narrowest ditches a bit. Not as much as I said previously. :)
  7. Hahah, the first time I drove the stage I thought there had to be some runki in that corner. I was right. :D

    The stage itself is very nice. Very Finnish feeling and lots of vegetation and trees. Still a good FPS. The sense of speed is very good because of the vegetation.
  8. thank you guys for a very good feedback I appreciate it:good:

    I have done now some small changes added more spectators and I made small changes in ditches and small bumbs..

    http://www.filefront.com/15031089/lohja ss1.rar

    maybe that is better now:wink2:
  9. I just ran the new version two or three times and it's definitely a step forward. Good job!
  10. Im really looking forward to the final version. But keep working on mate! Dont release to early, try to make the stage "perfect"!
  11. i was watcing where the datsun 1600 drove off.
  12. madmike is it possible you to do the lammiralli 2009 ek2 stage.
  13. do you have real elevation data (gbs)
  14. I try to make as realistic as possible and also try to make the buildings look like real,and perhaps small changes in the sky.
  15. maybe someday when I would add final thing road signs and mailboxes to stage would be perfect:wink2:
  16. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Wow! Looking great.

    I never tried an addon track for RBR yet! But this will be my first attend.

    Will it be easy to install? (I use RSRBR09 atm)

    Will it have pacenotes, read by th co-driver?

  17. man i love this stage. such a pleasure to drive. thank you once again madmike. shame i can't give any constructive criticism, as i'm not a track creator myself, i'm just happy with the stage as it is. "good fps", that's all i can really say. :)

    actually i've made pacenotes for this stage "for my own well-being". but as i know all too well that in real life this rally is driven without pacenotes, i won't release them unless you give a permission.

    the realism in this case wears a bit thin as one gets to drive the stage over and over again... then it's not "a dark rally" (pimeä ralli) anymore, is it? ;)

    by the way, is 2.15,8 even close to a reasonable time? or should i go to rally school again? :)