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Real time telemetry display on a second PC

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by April Dillon, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    My dad enjoys doing laps of Nurburgring in the Endurance Series Aston Martin, and I'm helping him shave time off his lap times. However one thing which will nearly always cause him to crash is if he checks out numbers on his dashboard. Tire temperatures, brake temperatures, engine temperatures, lap times, all that.

    Is there some way to get all that information off his screen, and instead show it on my laptop while he's driving, so I can monitor the condition of his car while he just drives, and tell him what he needs to know?

  2. I use this - http://www.veloceprod.fr/ENG/index.html

    Theres the free trial version which is very limited on what can be seen. Or you can pay for it - be carefull to get the correct license as theres a RACE version and an rFactor one.
  3. Gotta be honest... I didn't search thoroughly enough before making this thread. I found something called Sim Tools which does exactly what I need for rFactor (and for LFS, Race 07, GTR2 and GTL aswell). Their site is down at the moment though, but MozzMann on rFactor Central posted this mirror which seems to work nicely. The only thing missing in the SDK. Although it's not as comprehensive as MotecAdd, I'm quite happy with it.

    Thanks for your suggestion, anyway. I'll make use of Google more thoroughly before I make a fool of myself again. :)