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Real Road

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by jimortality, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. jimortality


    Sorry If this has been mentioned before and I've gone back a year in the threads to check but what exactly is real road and should I save it? Cheers
  2. ouvert


    track is building grip with rubber and dynamically reacting to weather .. getting wet and getting dry (first on most used driving line) ...
  3. No problem mate,

    Real road is rubber and rubber marble build up on the race track.
    It has a big influence on force feedback, grip level and general feel of the car and track.

    If you start rF2 with a car/track combo the first time. the track will probably be a "green track". It has a feel of a very dusty slippery track. In real live most tracks are frequently driven on and they are never "green" unless the track just build and driven on the first time.

    to see the effect of real road: Lauch rF2 with a car on a track with some AI and press "ctrl-x".
    after a few minutes you'll see the track surface change. On some tracks the visual rubber line is a bit overdone. But the effect is quite good.

    "ctrl-x: is time acceleration" Don't press race unless you are an alien. :p Press ctrl-x again to stop the time acceleration first.

    The AI always drive the exact same line, so there will be a very small stroke of rubber. And if you let the AI drive around for an hour, the marble build up is very noticeable.
    But I mostly drive online with people, and they don't drive the exact same line. So the rubber build up is more spread and the marbles are more driven away.

    Rain has an influence on the real road too. If a wet track starts to dry out, there will be a dry-line first and track rubber is flushed away a bit.

    TIp: how to use real road offline without starting on a green track every time.

    - start a session on a track offline and do a few laps (this creates a "user-autosaved" real-road.
    - stop the session
    - before you start the session again set the weather to "scripted"
    - then you can select the "user-autosaved" real road.
    - do this for every session. (practice, quali, race)

    result: every time you want to do some laps on track you'll start with the real-road you've ended.
    note: if you have driven a online session on that same track: it uses that real road and is saves the roal road you end with.
    So if you end a online session on a wet track, you'll start your session offline on a wet track.

    Welcome to the club: you just discovered the power of rF2. :geek:

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  4. jimortality


    Wow thanks for taking the time to explain. That is pretty epic if it all works as it should.
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  5. jimortality


    Wow thanks for taking the time to explain. That is pretty epic if it all works as it should.
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  6. Next lessons:

    Flag rules, safety-car procedures, lucky dog, Leader pit settings, Parc Fermé, Starting procedures, Team pit-box settings, real weather, Unsportsmanlike settings, define AI abilities, assign custom setups to AI...

    Yes I know, the graphics of AC and Pcars are more realistic... :cool:
  7. Ooo, @Jim Brailsford ,

    Almost forgot: try a practice session at Palm beach: set the game time at 7:30 pm

    press "cltr-x".

    You'll see. ;)
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  8. jimortality


    I remember when I posted this thread, and now 6 months on how much I've learned about RF2 and sim racing cheers
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  9. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    One other little tip.
    If I have a green track I will add 2 AI.
    (remember to change a weather setting so you get full access to RR settings)
    Then in RR you can use X15. So it rubbers at 15 times normal speed.
    The AI will use the same line every lap but you wont. So you get a better more varied rubbered line.
    After 15 laps you will have the equivalent of 20 cars doing 30+ laps.
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  10. Real Road is one of rF2's great forces that puts it above and beyond imo. Every race feels different, each lap even feels different. The track is alive, grip building, marbles messing up your grip if you run off the racing line.
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  11. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    Yes and one of the things that I think annoy a certain amount of simracers, because now you can't just practice like hell and hotlap every single lap, but I much prefer that. It requires you to adapt your driving all the time. In the good old days with the fixed 10x real road build up it was really though as the track changed muss more every lap than now with the slower build up.
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  12. I agree. I've heard a lot of very experienced sim racers complain tremendously about this feature. I think they suddenly feel outside of their comfort zone, because of the new need to constantly adapt to the road conditions. But it's a new day, thankfully. Every sim needs a proper Real Road feature to be a full racing sim imho.
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  13. MarcG


    Real Road is the main reason I have major difficulty in picking up other racing titles, the sooner the others catch up to RF2 with this Feature the better.
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  14. Hey @Gijs. So that's what Real Road is! :)

    I was searching about Safety Cars and saw this. Would you have an update on these? Well, initially, with my novice experience w/ rF2, I noticed in my races that the Safety Car always appears. Since I haven't had much time, I've basically run 6-10 lap races and 'always' the safety car comes out. How do I reduce/remove this from happening? FWIW, I tried changing the 4th weather option to Cloudy, the rest to Clear. Looking forward to your other tutorials/tips. Also in the few mods I've tried (Megane, AM3 GT3), AI are so slow, how do I adjust these?
  15. Set flag rules on "black only". :) Safety car will stay in the pit. ;)
    But you can still do a Safety car formation lap. :cool:
    You can set your flag rules in the race settings in game.
    - No rules (all flags, yellow blue will still be shown)
    - Black Only (all flags, yellow blue will still be shown)
    - Full (==> safety car)
    - Full w/o DQ (this one is more useful online, so you can keep on driving if you accidentally get DQ'd)
    Schermafdruk 2015-06-19 13.39.02.png
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  16. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    You can also lower the safety car sensitivity level to reduce its likelyhood. For me it still happeneed to often so I run black only vs AI.
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