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Misc Real PCU-6D Leds 3.0

Leds taken directly from a real high resolution PCU-6D photo image for accurate colour.

  1. auroboros submitted a new resource:

    Real PCU-6D Leds - Leds taken directly from a real high resolution PCU-6D photo image for accurate colour.

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  2. Joel


    Would it be possible to make this work with chargingcar's Ultimate HD Steering Wheel pack? This would make an awesome combo :) Maybe ask him if you can add this.
  3. I won't bother chargingcar because he's a fantastic modder and would be busy doing just that so If you need me to sort something out for you personally implementing this with his mod drop me a pm (what teams/resolution you need) and I will find time tomorrow to do it for you.
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  4. fixed implementation, colours are much more accurate to original image now!
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  5. how to use?
  6. Instructions are found in the zip file. You will need lyolik's Led Display Mod and Ryder PSSG Editor, the instructions are as follows...

    1. lyolik's mod can be found here: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/resources/realistic-led-display-module.1165/
    2. Load any desired team's interior (from lyolik's mod) with Ryder PSSG Editor and then simply import my supplied int_digi_tach_full.tga as a replacement.

    Hope this helps. Best wishes.
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  7. I can not install the mod and did what you had in Blobo notes
  8. I only partially understood what you said. What part of the instructions don't work for you?
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  9. when I mount the file on int_digi_tach_full.tga Ryder PSSG Editor error
  10. You have to have a pre-existing interior loaded into PSSG Editor (preferably from lyolik's mod so that the leds line up with the background in the cockpit) and then with the import function import my int_digi_tach_full.tga over the one existing in the loaded interior.
  12. Check PM
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  13. When you press the kers button and the K on the display that shows the amout of kers you have left, can you change the letter K to E?.....thanks