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Real Level

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by sobrano, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. which difficulty level i have to set to get the max real simulation?

    i am playing max lvl now (legend), but i think it is a bit hardest than reality. the lap times are so low, i think legend is not the best lvl to be close to reality.

    what do you think? i am wrong?

  2. I play with legend diff, with all sims on, no drivers aids and in full length races i have to drive fast laps every lap, tiny miss apex mistakes and the car in front usually increases their lead on me, have to be on my game to win, its the closest to realism for me.
  3. me too, no aids except automatic gear because i am still a noob, i dont use reloading or restarting session to simulate a real race.
    im still not sure about best lvl for best realism.
    i think you are much more expert than me , but that you are saying could be a you sensation, i think we have to compare legend time lap with real time lap or something like that because after all this is a game,it is not the realty...
    ty so much for your point of view
  4. usually the pc game have lvls like: easy, normal and hard.
    easy :human have bonuses
    normal: human and cpu have the same stats
    hard: cpu have bonuses and human player malus.

    normal lvl is the best way for a real simulation but often hard is the best way to fix AI inefficency

    i was thinking about this bonus/malus system in f1 2010.
    maybe if we set legend lvl the cpu car have bonuses (ex. more grip than normal, acceleration, etc..)
    i think AI in f12010 is pretty good so i prefer set a clean level.
    I am looking for a level with no bonuses for CPU and no bonuses for Human.
  5. I dont take the game laptimes compared to RL laptimes into account, just the feel of the races, starting not on pole in 100% distance racing with all sims helps alot for realism aswell, on pole just seems too easy, in GP mode, all aids off, sims on, legend diff starting from 5th on the grid, races like monaco, canada, spa, brazil are fantastic, pushing the whole way while constantly checking gaps and figuring out what strategy to use on the fly, changing engine and wing settings while trying to stay on pace is a real challenge.
  6. Not done many GPs against AI as i only ever play online unless im practicing for a championship race.

    Legend AI and No Assists (tyre wear and fuel ON) is the way forward for realism. When i do practice its in a Renault and can get wins occasionally against AI.
  7. For me, the realistic level is when I'm fighting for 17th in a Lotus. I would love to adjust it to that but since I cannot access mods I'm stuck with fighting for the championship :(.
  8. noone knows if we can read a file in the game direcrtory to get specifications about levels?
    somewhere there is a file with bonus/malus for any lvl.
    if we have numbers we can find a solution for this discussion