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Misc Real Lesley Buurlage F1 2015 - Database Mod 1.00

f1 2015 mod, Real Life racing, F1 2014

  1. JIH.webtel92 submitted a new resource:

    Real Lesley Burluage F1 2015 - f1 2015 mod, Real Life racing, F1 2014

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  2. What does your mod even do? You didn't explain. What changes did you make to the database?
  3. Fuel Tank size to 100 Kg in cars and each teams car actual rpm redline at 15000 RPM and the engine power is around 600 BHP plus ERS give plus extra 150 BHP on top that
    Change Pit limit speed Montréal, Silverstone, Budapest and Sochi all got 60 KPH instead of 80 KPH
  4. What do you mean by real lesley buurlage database mod? You mean the lesley buurlage's database mod is fake?
  5. no Lesley Buurlarge's database is real but his still had Codemasters dodgy value where his made it. So enhance to match real life.
    E.G Codemasters's Red Bull got Engine power 800 and redline at13900 then mine Red bull got Engine power 580 and redline at 15000 then full effect of ERS in the car
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  6. Does the mod change the performance of any of the cars? Does it only change those things you stated above?
    And do I have to restart my career even if I have Lesley F1 2015 database mod?
  7. Yes All car. Yes Only change those things I stated above. No you won't restart your career.