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Released Real Hillclimb St.Ursanne-Les Rangiers

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by dxciac, Oct 30, 2009.

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  2. Hi, have any plans to release you stage for RBR? Looks great.
  3. Thanks for sharing your project dxciac!:good:
    I tried to export it to RBR but I got an "Colnodex : Dumnode failed" error? Anyone knows something about this kind of error?

    PS: after 3hrs of research, I found the problem... I will release the RBR version of the dxciac hillclimb soon...:act-up:
  4. File of the original St. Ursanne-Les Rangiers hillclimbfor RBR use (Autor: dxciac). i just put a new sky, delete some objects which create bugs during export of the track and modify the driveline in order to start and to finish at the right place! Thanks to dxciac for sharing it.


    I'm currently working on a stage conversion of this hillclimb.Released when job is done.
  5. Nice track! :)
  6. Hello all

    Perhaps I am too silly, but: How can I make this track working? I thought that I have only to copy the folder "stursanne77" in the directory "rFactor\GameData\Locations. What do I have to do?

    Thank you for helping me
  7. I don't how to run this track either :( still getting error related to sky.mas, despite I copied another sky instead of original one.
  8. Looking for a sky.mas in your Gamedata folder, if you find one delete it and try st. ursanne...
  9. Great track, thanks very much for sharing!
  10. I'm supporting question, are you planning put into RBR?
  11. Hi
    Thanks for sharing your project dxciac.
    Iwill export the track to GTL & GTR2. When ready i post it on GTR4U.de
    Thanks for this great work.

    done !
    you can download the file for GTR2 here and for GTL here !