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Misc Real Grip Mod for wheel driver. Dry and Wet 1.2

Less wheelspin , more understeer changing physics,grip like A.I.

  1. laubie submitted a new resource:

    Real Grip Mod for wheel driver. Dry and Wet - Less wheelspin , more understeer changing physics,grip like A.I.

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  2. agnus rock silva

    agnus rock silva
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    fake grip is this **** ,horrible
    track is like soap in dry and the point brakes,megafail mate sorry.
  3. Ok, it need a change of your driving style. That is the point of this, must brake a bit earlier to the corner , drive a bit slower in the corner, but you can accelerate earlier whitout wheelspin. I tested the original and mine, be able to drive same laptimes. Like i said, you loose time in the corner entry, but you win time at the corner outside and you have a bit more top speed on the straight.
  4. I kind of like it, feels good imo! Thanks for this mod!!
  5. just used this mod in a race at Singapore, really good mod, been looking for a mod like this ever since f1 2010
  6. Thank you
  7. Happy you like it!
  8. I put the mod 1.2 files without deleting my current profile and the HAMILTON continues to 1: 26: 650 in Q3, Australia.
    It was for him to be slower?
    need to create a new profile to see the differences?

    is that you can take a look at hamilton time in their game in Q3 / Australia?

    In my game I am Rosberg (teammate)
  9. Hello,wich mod you use? Ai less grip, or Players car mod?
  10. In the Players car mod are Same laptimes as original,online Players car has other grip Level.
    In Ai less grip mod should the ai cars be a bit slower, the Players car have the original grip.
  11. "online Players car has other grip Level. "
    I mean only players car have another grip Level!
  12. laubie I use Real Grip Mod driver players car
  13. Ok, in this mod the Ai Speed is the same as original. Only change the Player cars.
  14. You made this game playable for me, thanks for that.:)
    Just keep good job with the ai.:thumbsup: They just lack little grip on front, in my opinion.;)
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  15. perfect mod, I can now play on legend using player grip mod and less grip mod for the AI.
  16. i know this might be a big ask but could you do the same mod for f1 2013
  17. Hello, sorry no. I havenĀ“t F1 2013 at time, maybe later.
  18. Is it possible to run this in multiplayer? Maybe on Lan with tunngle?