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Real feel help!

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Joshua Cross, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, I installed realfeel today hoping to make my historic gt and touring experience more fun. I followed all the steps yet in every car I use there about 90 degrees to each side before I get any resistance, I am using a g25 any help?

  2. Domagoj Lovrić

    Domagoj Lovrić
    Reiza Studios

    Hi there,

    first check car upgrades, steering ratio - choose adjustable ratio, default ones, albeit possibly realistic, as old cars have alot of lock-to-lock turns, aren't really suited for this purpose. Now when you load a session, while you are in car setup screen, increase steering lock. I found that for these old cars in between 24° and 26° works best, and it coresponds to around 18:1 steer ratio. For example, old mustang has 20:1 steer ratio.

    second, make sure that you setup your wheel in logitech profiler like this:
    - overall strenght ~105%
    - spring 0%
    - damper 0%
    - centering 0%
    - overall rotation - 900°

    This is not really some magical combination which would be the ONLY one that will work, but it is considered the most realistic. You can perhaps increase overall strenght up to 110%.

    Another thing is to set default rfactor ffb to -100% and effects to "Low". Absolutely necessary. If the car pulls left right - weird feedback DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT set the effects to +100%. Wrong. Do this: while on track, press RightCTRL + Numpad 8, the voice will say "Force reversed".

    Also, would you please go to rfactor folder and attach your "RealFeelPlugin.ini" file here (just simpler then you checking this and that and then posting it back here...)

    Hope some of this helps!
  3. I'm having a different problem though I won't make my own thread if I don't have to.

    For some reason recently my RF decides to not work whenever it feels like.

    It has the voice announcement saying "reel feel is enabled" but I can tell it isn't due to the fact the wheel is simulating the engine revs at idle by rocking back and forth which is a default FFB effect. (yes, I just always left FFB on full because it never seemed different any either way)

    Last time I screwed with settings, reinstalled the .dll and wiped the .ini's saved settings and eventually it just worked again.

    I can disable RF with the hotkey and disable Hardware plugins but it never changes the FFB effects once this is broken. I can even reverse the FFB with the RF hotkeys even though RF is still not working properly.

    Is there a way to force rf and remove the default ffb entirely? Not really any way to reinstall Realfeel.

    Also Joshua RF comes with HistorX so you should have had it by default at least for that mod.
  4. Domagoj Lovrić

    Domagoj Lovrić
    Reiza Studios

    It is absolutely neccesary to set ingame effects to low, or either you are not dialing them out. If you have time and patience i can show you how and you will see :)

    Even on low, default ffb is still there, even tough (probably) only up to the "MinSpeed" set in realfeel.ini file. Not for the mods that come with the defaultffb=0 upgrade. But not really necessary, as you can "disable" default ffb entierily, by setting the ffb_multiplier to zero (don't know the right name now). So not really disabled, but setting this parameter to zero does make like it is.

    I think, but don't take me for sure, that there are some issues with tv style and real feel....
  5. Well interesting turn of events. I have settled on what I believe is an improvement over everything I have ever had.

    In desperation I reloaded a new version of LeoFFB on next to a changed out RealFeel and with the
    "FFB steer force output max="0.00000" " set and FFB effects in game to LOW. I began screwing around. Turns out with the default FFB disabled and the two other FFB's enabled they will play with each other. I set the Real Feel mix down to 90% allowing the Leo's to come through. Now to be honest the leo ffb isn't that good with steering forces but effects like bumps, grip loss and static turning resistance are excellent. So I spent a good deal of time this morning doing tests with different RF and Leo settings and the end result is probably the best FFB I have ever used. It combines the Smooth detailed feedback of RealFeel with the gentle and jarring bumps, rumble strip effects and traction loss of Leos.

    I will post the specifics. I am using with a G27 (110%Force, 0% Spring, 0% Damper, 0% Center, 720° of Rotation)

    Disable the Default FFB in the rFactor>UserData>Yourname>Controller.ini (line 272) Set "FFB steer force output max=" to zero

    In Game make sure FFB is set to low and -100% Strength.

    Install the newest RealFeel and LeoFFB.

    In the rFactor main Dir I edited the RealFeelPlugin.ini and changed the Default Settings
    in the plugins folder the LeoFFB.ini had heavy modification to remove unwanted forces and tone down some of the harsh stuff. Change the first number to match your usual steering lock.

    25.0    Front Wheel lock angle, degrees (max deflection to one side from straight on)
    0.72    Front wheel distance to centerline (half the front wheel track) in metres, from .pm file
    1.65    Front axle distance to body reference point (about half the wheel base) in metres, from .pm file
    0.0     Relative strength of FFB effects
    10.0    Aligning moment curve shape / feeling of tyre losing grip. Lower numbers are duller, range 1.0 .. 10
    0.0        Negative aligning moment parameter for high slip angles, range 0.0 ... 1.0
    0.0        Slip angle where aligning moment reverses direction - typically between 8 and 15 degrees
    0.0        Caster (dimetionless)
    0.0        Camber ratio (not degrees!)
    5.0        Road bumps feeling on the wheel
    7500.0    maximum FFB force for stationary and low speed effects
    5.0     stiffness of stationary wheels
    1.0     wheel rubber hardness (1..5)
    2.5     how quickly static forces drop off when rolling
    I have several friends trying it out right now and so far the response is very positive.
  6. pretty good settings there. something weird was the car turns more than im turning the wheel.
  7. I have felt this. I wasn't sure if steering assist had accidentally come on. You may need to raise (or lower) the "Aligning moment curve shape". I had noticed that would cause the wheels to pull to the direction you are turning. I think I had removed it but may have posted it with a different number above.

    Research and Development continues.
  8. If you dig even deeper, you can actually run both realfeel & leos together. As realfeel uses suspension to get its figures while leos uses tyres figures. So you can get a nice balance with about 70% leos to 30% realfeel.
  9. Yeah, I am really liking this mix. The only issue I find is mods that don't work with realfeel too well have a hard time even moreso because you cant mix in old rf ffb.

    I think the 90% RealFeel with a 10% bleed of Leos with the modified settings is pretty good. I don't know if I could use a 70% leo setup. The leo's feels too strong alone and the refe is always a bit weak.
  10. Domagoj Lovrić

    Domagoj Lovrić
    Reiza Studios

    At work currently so did'nt test it, but i hate to do it but i must ask one thing:

    SteerForceInputMax=15000.000000 - did you input this number just like that? As this number needs to be EXACTLY matched to the controller.ini file - there is the same line over there, both in it's value & prefix.
    You can change the controller.ini to -65535, and set that inside realfeel.ini so effectievly you are getting ffb of 16bit resolution. Trouble is, no logitech wheel is able to deliever that level of fidelity. Apparently Thrustmaster says it's latest wheel can...

    I will test your settings with the TCL mod as it doesn't work with real feel properly; but in general i prefer real feel only for properly done suspensions, for example Corvette or Supra or HistoriX to name a few. As there is a parameter inside tyre physics files responsible for tire feedback ONLY and it all comes through directly through real feel.

    Some tracks have kerbs textured but not modelled, that's the reason why there is no rumbling when using real feel. On modelled kerbs there is rumbling.
  11. I changed them both to match -65535. I will test it later. As for cars that don't respond well to RealFeel you may find this method to make them even harder to control. HistorX and then new Lotus23's are superb but the newest WRX Subaru mod my friend said default rF ffb was fine while I had the damnedest time trying to figure out how to wrestle it around. Think the four wheel drive was what was affecting it. Having those tires drive the car must affect a tire ffb mod like Leos.