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Real F1 FSR Fantasy Racers Management 2010 League

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Timon Bolier, May 11, 2010.

  1. Copied from old forum

    We had one private Fantasy Racers F1 league with around 30 (FSR) people last year, i don't know if others were in one. Was fun! :D Note: this is not sim-racing!! This is just a management game on real F1.

    But I just created a FSR private league there, IT'S FREE to join unlike others and you can manage your team throughout the season and we can have a little FUN management battle.

    Basically it works like this:
    1. Join the private FSR2010 league with the link and league number above.
    2. Create a team and add drivers before saturday morning 8am GMT or else you miss out points
    3. I suggest to take the 40million option so you can switch drivers throughout the season. You can sell drivers when they are worth more money after good results, and get more cheaper drivers in your team.
    4. Your team is frozen before FP1 on friday and you get points for every round
    5. Check the FSR 2010 league standings under Leagues Tables > View My League(s)
    6. After the first round the standings are generated and you can see what F1 drivers everybody else had in their team.
    7. Then the selling/buying game begins for next round.

    You can see the league standings here and who joined by going to http://www.fantasyracers.com/ and clicking on Leagues Tables > View My League(s).

  2. Standings after Round 5 on Spain, everybody scored kinda equal. Petter losing some points on Matt Gray and Nick Rowland had the best score of this round. 2 new teams signed up and there are more than 25 teams now. So the top 25:

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  3. Kaasa slow down :p Youve been in the lead for too long now. Let others take the lead for once lol
  4. Standings after Round 6 Monaco

    The top 7 is closing in on Petter Kaasa :D It seems the table has turned! Who's gonna make the right decisions now for the next round.

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  5. Right decision? There isn't anything I can do to change :) I got Sutil, Schummie, Kubica and Vettel...quite ok team, only choice I have is to go back to 3 drivers, not sure if that is better...
  6. It seemed to be easier last year, I noticed this year the system changed and it's harder to sell a valuable expensive driver (after good results) and then buy 2 cheaper good ones instead. The value of the drivers is hard to change anything on at the moment. Maybe later in the season? No idea here, the value of some drivers is increasing a lot, like webber. Maybe drivers like those can be sold for 2 cheaper ones who score more points together.
  7. Standings after Round 7, even though it was a dry somewhat predictable Grand Prix, it turned out to be unpredictable and many didn't get a good score.

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  8. Great!
  9. Kewl, bit late... but here after Canada!

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  10. Standings after Silverstone, Matt Gray is all over Petter Kaasa for first place, after catching up a lot of points throughout the season. Nick Rowland is securing his third place. Make your bets for next round, I just did mine after scoring some terrible points last races!

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  11. After hungary, Petter extends his lead again by a small margin

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  12. Yo!

    I just opened a new league for us here if anyone is interested.