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Real Challenge Physics Mod

Discussion in 'RIDE 2' started by juetat2, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Is anyone out there who put together a Real Challenge Physics Mod please.

    I have absolutely know idea how to do this! But it would be great as it is for other milestone titles.
  2. Hi! I made a mod with this same name at VRTG session, is about that mod you talking about?
  3. Yes, i quoted your mod title as everyone will know what I'm talking about! but we need one for Ride 2!
  4. I started doing it, but when I saw the number of files to change I was scared! :confused:

    The problem is that the variables I change must be changed on almost every bike in the game! And in the VRTG there are only 12 i think...

    Actually I'm still working on VRTG, although I said that I had stopped ... I had some breakthroughs regarding braking points on the track and on the acceleration of the bike, so this renewed my perseverance! :D

    But if you know how, feel free to make a mod based on my mod in VRTG session. I can help you on any tip if you want! :thumbsup:
  5. Thanks for the info.. it sounds like a incredible amount of work! Unfortunately I can't work with mods like your... I can only do skins for bikes. Thank you again for the info though!
  6. I can eventually in the future do this, but for now i want to finish the job at VRTG! :thumbsup:
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  7. Yes I understand. No problem at all. Stay sane! ;)