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Real challenge physics mod 3.2

MotoGP physics / AI lap times mod

  1. Dyego JhOu submitted a new resource:

    Real challenge physics mod - MotoGP physics / AI lap times mod

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  2. Qatar is my test track.
    I've tested your MOD there with just a couple of laps in a Factory Honda, no AI around the track.
    First of all: I like the overall balance of the bike with my custom setup (based on my Fine Tuning MOD) and I immediately had a nice confidence with the bike.
    Note: the bike is too "heavy" under braking, I actually cannot turn while I'm braking.

    I've done 6 laps around 1:57, it's a pretty consistence pace. Compared to my MOD this is 1,5s slower, I still have to understand where.

    Keep up!
  3. Try decrease the rake and increase the trail...

    Basically, it's hard to turn while braking, so you need to start braking sooner and release the brakes while you lean to the curve, with the brake released is more easy to lean...

    Other thing is that i've configured each bike. So it's more easy making curves with a Yamaha or Suzuki, but not too much with a Honda or a Ducati. However, M1 and Suzis have less torque than the RCVs and Ducas...

    OBS: In fact i do not tested with some pilot, i used my own profile...
  4. Come on man! Push this bike more!!

  5. Giving it a try now
  6. That's what I call "get used".
    I'm proud of my 1.57 at the 7th lap :p
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  7. Okay this is my wip review:
    I like the corner entry, the fact you cannot brake into the corner. I recall in RIde you could not brake while leaning too much or you would fall. I have no idea why Milestone did not do the same for GP15. Anyway, yours is a good compromise.

    My main concern is the slow change of direction or the slow turn at high speed. Example, at Mugello is very hard to move the rider on the straight to prepare for turn 1. Too difficult. too heavy.

    Chicanes are a nightmare, you are slow and your bike even wheelies
  8. Give a try now :thumbsup:
  9. With v1.2 the game stop working when I exit the pits
  10. And extract your DATA.MIX, open the txt file "easteregg", you should ask me before make a brute copy and paste of everything.
    Anyway it's not a big deal for me :D
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  11. I played with your data mix containing easter egg but never got any error
  12. Man, i know about your easteregg file... i've not copied your data.mix... are you sure?!
    In fact i used it to study what you changed to learn how to make a mod...
    Maybe i've copy it accidentally... sorry!:unsure:
  13. Try it now. Maybe it was a mistake that i made while editing the AI_DIFFICULTIES.BML:thumbsup:
  14. Man, no problems here! For me it's a pleasure to be an inspiration :)
    Use everything you need from my DATA.MIX, and, of course share with us your new goals.

    I'm pretty confident with my new system that causes a lot more lowsides, it's still rough but it works.
    I can share with you guys my new DATA.MIX so you can test it and give me your precious feedbacks!
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  15. Guys I'm tired this game is broken...we (you) keep releasing AI mods, going insane to fix something is not fixable. Compromises over compromises

    look at how many hours we put into modding...it's not worth it
    We'll get another broken game to mod in 2 months, the story repeats over and over again

    What a shame
    sorry for the ot
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  16. Ahahah that's right, this game is ****, but thanks to our mods it's almost a bit better
    Motogp16 will be the same story
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  17. I know that feeling brow! :unsure:

    I was really hopeful that this MGP15 would be like Ride (another bugged, but better), but unfortunately they didn't!

    I've not tested all tracks, but i think that i solve the AI lap times problem for each track... Have a file in DB folder (DB_IDEALTRACKSTIMES.BML) and for Losail, Austin and Assen it works fine... so, based on the MGP statistics files in MGP official site, i've updated all section times for all tracks to the real ones, but i've not tested all tracks yet, so i don't know if is really working... It's working since 1.0 but i don't said because i've not tested, only in this tracks...