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[Re-released] Vauxhall Vectra 2007 Custom Skinable Edition

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Günthar Rowe, May 29, 2009.

  1. Version 1.62

    Extract to your Online Race07 install

    ...\Steam\SteamApps\**your profile name**\race 07

    If you have any custom skins, you will need to check the .ini file for each skin and make sure that the model is [Vauxhall Vectra 2007]


    This is how the david040799's Martini Vectra.ini from NoGrip should look:

    [[[Martini Team]]]

    [[Massimo Biasion]]
    [Vauxhall Vectra 2007]
    Body=Martini Vectra # 9 Body.dds
    windows=Martini Vectra # 9 Window.dds
    Ext_Driver=Martini Vectra # 9 Driver.dds
    Helmet=Martini Vectra # 9 HELMET.dds
    MenuFlag=Italie flag.tga

    [[Didier Auriol]]
    [Vauxhall Vectra 2007]
    Body=Martini Vectra # 10 Body.dds
    windows=Martini Vectra # 10 Window.dds
    Ext_Driver=Martini Vectra # 10 Driver.dds
    Helmet=Martini Vectra # 10 HELMET.dds
    MenuFlag=France flag.tga

    ---v1.62 Changelog

    Added some default liveries - thanks to ArtsonikA
    Changed the tyres textures to Yokohama - Thanks to Denis Vorobjov
    Patch v1.2.0.1 WTCC tyre physics included

    ---v1.50 Changelog

    Fix Server issue since GTR Evo

    ---v1.40 Changelog

    Recompiled with v1.1.1.2 data

    ---v1.30 Changelog

    Renamed most of the files to stop them getting over written by other Vectra version out there. This should stop any online mis-matches that have been a little problem for some.

    ---V1.20 Changrlog

    * Rewrote Descriptors to integrate addon into Vauxhall as second car model as "Vauxhall Vectra 2007". No need for two Manufacturers for the same car :)

    ---v1.15 Changelog

    * Fixed missing windscreen wipers

    * Restructured file system

    ---v1.1 Changelog

    * Fixed driver and helmet positioning

    ---v1.05 Changelog

    * Fixed missing gearbox issue

    ---v1.04 Changelog

    * Fixed double driver entries

    ---v1.03 Changelog

    * integrated Trebor’s Vauxhall.ini to get custom skins to load

    ---===### This mod would not have been possible without the help of the following people ###===---

    - A big thanks goes to Simbin (of course for the car!!)

    - ArtsonikA for the wonderful skins @ http://www.artsonika.com

    - Denis Vorobjov @ RaceDepartment.com

    - Trebor @ http://www.gtwerx.co.uk/joomla

    - TOTO090369/David040799

    - Warren Dawes/wad53 over @ RaceDepartment.com

    If you find any issues, please post on RaceDepartment.com or NoGripRacing.com.

    Cheers & have fun,

    Günthar Rowe


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  2. those cars look really handsome....
    I assume you still need Crowne Plaza to run these cars.????
    Is it possible to still get the Crowne Plaza add-on?
  3. according to the official website it's still there.

    though not sure if it will still work with the last update for race07
  4. Yeh it still works.
  5. oooh

    does this mean that sometime in the future we may get to use the vectra for some races again????

    i love the vectra, superb car.
  6. I would doubt it as one of the reasons was that you have to download a big demo for just one car, and that still stands. But I agree, it would be nice to see it back.
  7. This does not require the demo :) So only cost ~10mb to add it :)
  8. It will run side by side with the demo within Race07/GTE Evo.STCC/Race On


    Without the demo...
  9. Oh right, so this is just the Vectra?

    Are we gonna be able to use it in RC races? Have you cleared it with our staff?
  10. Looks cleared to me :) Now just to get it on the servers and included in the WTCC races... But, I'm sure someone will let us know for sure... ;)
  11. Yeh that's what I meant, the clearance to use it with our S2000 races. Have you made it less fragile or is it still made of glass? :D
  12. I didn't know there was a damage model issue, if you can point me in the right direction for the issues, I'll look over the files :) I'll check the .dmg file tonight...
  13. It just seems very fragile compared to the rest of the S2000 cars, a prang that would normally result in simple aero damage seemed to damage either the gearbox or engine. I remember when I got spun out at Knutstorp and I tapped the barrier and thereafter it would have trouble changing gear. One of many examples I noticed.

    I'm sure other Vectra users will have noticed this.
  14. Thanx Gunthar, The Vectra's are a great add to the game. Is it possible to skin these cars as I would like to add one to my Indy Oil Team?
  15. [Vauxhall Vectra 2007]

    are the skinable bits...
  16. righto, will look over these dmg file closely...
  17. Vectra is using the same damage file as the other WTCC07 cars....
  18. Hmmm. Strange. It does seem very fragile.
  19. Where can I find the template for the vectra.??