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Re-installing rFactor full version

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Bram, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Can somebody post a little tutorial what steps to follow. I need to reinstall from scratch and to be honest i am lost :D
  2. Just use the rFactor uninstaller found in the games directory, or use programs and features in windows to remove it. Then just reinstall like any other game :)
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I need to install it on a clean machine. What file do i need to download and what patches upgrades etc etc
  4. If you want a complete reinstall i would install the full 1255 (about 1GB) and if possible save your locations folder and userdata ( for your setups and tracks)
    after the new install just install the mods you like and copy the locations and userdata folders back again ( saves a lot of time).
    Good luck m8 :thumb:
  5. If your interested in the stock mods go for the full version, but if your just going to use add on mods go for the lite version and just download the stock tracks if needed. (1gb full version, 100mb rf lite, )

    Lite is for those players primarily interested in community made content, or for those on slower internet connections. It can also act a convenient backup for regular players wishing to make hassle free fresh installs. or multiple rFactor installs. (copy and past I know :pound:)

    Good Luck.
  6. I can 100% recommend http://forum.racedepartment.com/misc.php?do=cfrules for starting again from scratch. They have a great peer-to-peer tool that will download all their active server content to an achive and then install it to your rfactor install.

    BBB do not cover everything worth grabbing, but they have over 30 mods and 200 tracks. The community is also a decent racing group, fast and pretty fair.
  7. Don't know if it's still usefull, but the most important thing hasn't been mentioned yet: Trymedia License! Backup this folder and put it back in the same place on your clean install, else you need to get a new activation code etc by mail from ISI which can take a few days.
  8. i gotta install on a new pc.
    and have some trouble finding the license folder witch Sander is telling.
    Does anybody have some info where to find this or more tips on re-activating my license ?
  9. Are you on Xp or Vista?

    For xp the Trymedia folder is located here:

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data

    For Vista the Trymedia folder is located here:


    Back-up this folder and put it back in the same place on your new install, download the rfactor installer, install and you're ready to go if it's all good :)

    PS; if you switch from XP to Vista of vice versa you need to ask for a new license.
  10. Part One, creating a base install

    1: Keep your standard rFactor folder as it is.
    2: Download the rFactor1255 Lite and sound files to a temp folder:
    rFactor Lite and Sounds

    3: Install the rFactor Lite to a temp folder called something along the lines "rF1255install"
    4: Unpack and copy the sounds to the same folder. Be sure to check that the sounds are in the gamedata\sounds folder.
    5: Make an subfolder inside the "rF1255install" folder called "install"
    6: Copy your driver from the original rFactor install to the corresponding folder.
    7: If you use plugins, copy them to the install folder for now. (No use using the if the mod don't support them.
    8: Compress the folder "rFactor1255install". Now you have a base install for all your needs.
    9: Save the file somewhere safe.
    10: Rename the original rFactor install to rFactorOrg or something.

    Part Two, Installation of mod and tracks.

    1: Unpack your "rFactor1255install.zip/7z/rar" to a folder called rFGRCC for example.
    2: If the mod is a just a compressed file the copy the file into the install folder in your rFGRCC install.
    3: If the mod come as an install, make a folder named rFactor and install it there. (remember to rename your original rFactor install, see above)
    4: Tracks, can be done in two ways.
    4:1 Do as above as with the mod if you need custom tracks.
    4:2 If you already have the track change the config.ini to point to your original rFactor install. (change TracksDir=GAMEDATA\LOCATIONS\ to TracksDir=D:\games\rFactorORG\GAMEDATA\LOCATIONS\) or similar.
    5: If you have custom skies, copy them as well to the same folder.
    6: Copy all the stuff you have in your install folder (rFGRCC\install) to all the other corresponding folders.
    7: Copy all plugins and setting files to the plugin folder.
    8: Don't forget to run the "rF Config" to set the graphic options.
    9: Voila! Now you have a pristine rFactor mod install.

    From GRC.
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