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Re-installing Race On to Win 7

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Warren Dawes, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Apologies if already covered, but the search facility in this Forum is hopeless.

    I want to transfer my Race On to a new Windows 7 PC from my current Win XP PC. I assume I could just install the Steam software, log into my Steam account, and let it download all my Race On, GTRE, STCC, Race 07 content again, then copy across my Userdata folder to wherever Win 7 installs it. However that seems like a lot of downloading.

    Is there a more efficient way? :confused:
  2. I always make a backup with Steam, Steam-Backup and Restore Game ... :)
  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Search facility is very ok as long as you use the right one on the right top of forum (white bar) which is a custom google search only for RD.

    On topic: you can install a new version of steam via www.steampowered.com. If you can transfer the files from you old pc to the same kind of folder it will work without having to download tons of content.

    There are two or three really big files that steam needs to unpack before launch. If you transfer those to your new pc will be enough :) Don't know the name of the extension (.cfg?) as I am not behind my pc right now.
  4. TheWilly

    Tobias Worm

    The Steam-Backup works very well, I safed the complette complikation (Race07 with all Addons and CrownPlaza) on an Backup-HDD and copied the Gamedata, UIData also. So it is very easy and fast too, to reinstall my Race07.
  5. Close - the extension name is .gcf. :)
  6. Thanks for the help guys.
    I can see a few .gcf files in my Steamapps folder, so I suppose it is those that I need to copy across.
    I assume that all of the contents of the My Documents / Simbin folder can be copied, I wasn't too sure if the locations will be the same under Win 7.
  7. The location is pretty much the same - There is still a 'Documents' folder, drop the simbin folder there. Did the same transition about a month ago and just sucked everything across my LAN.
  8. Thanks all for the help. Race On is up and running on my new PC and trimmed down from the older install, left a lot of mods out until I need them again.

    If only the faster PC could result in faster driving. :wink:
  9. :thumb:
  10. exactly!!