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Re-arranging pit stands

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by NobbyMilo, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. have seen it in other posts that you cannot swap the pit stands around but you can.
    I will go through it in pictures.

    1. First open using Ryder's PSSG Editor 'objects.pssg'. This is found in tracks/circuits/"name of track" folder.
    Some track values are in tracks/circuits/"name of track"/route_0 folder in objects2.pssg. these are below
    (will update as neccessary)

    HOCKENHEIM has no williams stand. In its place is a toro rosso stand that a typical codemasters bodge job.
    This is called 'monitorstation_cats'


    2.Open up the second 'LIBRARY' section

    3.scroll down to find Headers called 'ROOT NODE' and scroll each one until in value box you find name 'pit_perch_"name of team" Root.

    4. Make a note of LOD id, Node id and second Node id


    5. Once you have made a note of all 11 teams id numbers, you can start renaming teams with their matching id numbers as well as the pit crew physics names as shown in pic below.

    6. Once team names and id's are changed save the objects.pssg.

    7. pitcrew people can be changed in pitwall.xml file, found in same folder as your objects.pssg.
    'PitWall1' is redbull - 'PitWall2' is mclaren ..... and so on. you can re-arrange these to what team order you need.

    proof is in the pudding so here's some before and after shots below.
    BEFORE - pulling out of force india garage- williams stand

    AFTER - pulling out of force india garage - force india stand

    BEFORE - toro rosso stand next to caterham

    AFTER - toro rosso stand in correct 2012 order followed by williams stand and caterham's

    Make sure that names are spelt right with underscores where needed i.e. 'red_bull'.
    Lod numbers and id numbers are different for each track so its time consuming.
    might be useful for 1997/2006/2007 or 2013 order.

    P.S. To mods. hopefully in right section.
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  2. Great Find dude :thumbsup:
  3. Awesome!, a question. What is your team order? its like 2013 season? If its, can you share the files with us? (I supose you set HRT as the last team).

  4. Great job mate! I had searched and could not find so far ! Thank you !!!:thumbsup:
  5. I have 2012 order, all I changed were Force India, Sauber, Toro Rosso and Williams to what it should be.