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Featured RDTCC | S11 | Announcement & Info

Discussion in 'RD Touring Car Championship' started by Chris, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    4.jpg The touring cars are finally back, and for their eleventh season we'll be putting the newly released Aussie Racing Cars through their paces!

    Up to 28 drivers from all over the world will compete in these micro-monsters for 12 rounds of intensely-close racing as only Touring Cars can provide! They may only produce a little over 100 horsepower, but the Aussie Racing Car's are minuscule. They're essentially a driver tightly wrapped in a roll cage with the shell of a Camaro over the top. But underestimate them at your own peril, as these things have a 1300cc motorbike engine in them, and since they weigh in at just under 600kg, the performance these little beasts provide is impressive!

    Whilst this league will be run on an Australian server during Australian-friendly times, all premium members of any region are welcome to sign up and compete in this series. If you wish to sign up, please do so in the Sign Up thread after reading the information below and the info in the Sign up thread.

    General Information
    1. April 22nd - Adelaide (Legendary Tracks DLC #2)
    2. May 6th - Oulton Park Fosters (Brit Pack DLC)
    3. May 20th - Curitiba
    4. June 3rd - Cordoba
    5. June 17th - Brands Hatch GP (Brit Pack DLC)
    6. July 1st - Bathurst

    Race Format
    • 20:00 AEST (10:00 GMT) - Practice - 30 minutes
    • 20:30 AEST (10:30 GMT) - Qualifying - 20 minutes (Must be in server by session's end)
    • 20:50 AEST (10:50 GMT) - Warm Up - 10 minutes
    • 21:00 AEST (10:55 GMT) - Race 1 - 30 minutes
    • 21:30 AEST (11:25 GMT) - Break - 10 minutes
    • 21:40 AEST (11:40 GMT) Race 2 - 30 minutes (Top 10 reversed)

    Rules and Regulations

    This league will operate in accordance with the 2017 RaceDepartment League Regulations except where specifically stated as otherwise.
    • Exceptions:
      • Article 5.7 - RDTCC S11 will use the scoring system outlined below.
      • Article 6.1 - Track limits will be handled by the penalty system built into Automobilista, however if you believe a driver has been abusing track limits and not been penalised for it, then drivers are allowed to report track limit abuse to the league administrator for post race examination. Reports must follow the incident report format, else risk dismissal of their report.


    1. 50pts
    2. 40pts
    3. 35pts
    4. 32pts
    5. 30pts
    6. 28pts
    7. 26pts
    8. 24pts
    9. 22pts
    10. 20pts
    11. 18pts
    12. 17pts
    13. 16pts
    14. 15pts
    15. 14pts
    16. 13pts
    17. 12pts
    18. 11pts
    19. 10pts
    20. 9pts
    21. 8pts
    22. 7pts
    23. 6pts
    24. 5pts
    25. 4pts
    26. 3pts
    27. 2pts
    28. 1pt

    Driver Settings & Assists

    • Parc Ferme: ON, Enforced at start of qualifying
      • Free settings exempt from parc ferme
        • Steering lock
        • Brake pressure
        • fuel load and strategy
        • tire compound
        • brake bias
        • engine settings
    • Tyre Wear: Normal
    • Fuel Usage: Normal
    • Track Progression: Normal (starts at 'Medium')
    • Flag Rules: Full

    General Rules

    • All drivers must be Premium Members, and must use their full real name on both the game server and on TeamSpeak.
    • During Qualifying and the Race there will be no in-game text chat allowed under any circumstances until all active drivers have crossed the finish line. Those caught using the in-game text chat during these sessions will be given a 5 second time penalty added to their total race time.
    • Only communications from the league director will be allowed when it pertains to critical issues (i.e. Server problems).
      • During practice, in-game text chat is permitted, however please be respectful of others trying to concentrate.
    • Drivers and managers must read all the information provided by the organisers provided through the forum. That includes General threads, race threads and private messages.
    • Teamspeak presence is mandatory for all drivers.

    Drivers & Teams

    • You may sign up as either an independent, or as a team.
    • Maximum drivers per team: 2
    • If you cannot attend a particular round, you are permitted to find a substitute driver to take your place. However, they must have an active Premium Membership and they must be able to drive the car at a competitive pace so as to not present unnecessary danger to other drivers.
    • You must notify the league director of a substitute driver taking your place upon, or prior to, your notification of absence (see below).

    • Absences are permitted provided you notify the league director within 24 hours of the commencement of the Practice session (20:00 AEST), and it is a valid reason.
    • Irrespective of excuse, late notifications of absence will result in an immediate 5 point deduction from your total points accumulation.
    • Drivers who withdraw from the whole league with an inadequate reason, or miss a round without notifying the league director at all, will be removed from the league and banned from all RaceDepartment leagues for the following 6 months. This includes immediate removal from any RaceDepartment league(s) they may be participating in at the same time as the RD Touring Car Championship.
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  2. Sniper


    Im first:)

    EDIT: bugger wrong thread, im not first lol
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  3. Jack


    But really your still first.
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  4. Craig Patteson

    Craig Patteson
    Natural Born Racer XB1 Gamertag RIPDazza8405 Premium

    What version of Adelaide will it be?
  5. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

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  6. samcar304

    Staff Premium

    Seems like a really cool series to take part in as my First ever league here at RaceDepartment :)
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  7. One of the vmbest racing i have ever seen on telly!
  8. Yapci


    Shame of the gmt hour being that for me as I'm not able to race in.

    Anyway sounds like a great league format so hope anyone involved has a great time! Congrats to the staf for the organization of this!
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  9. Brice.S.


    Same here :(
    Have a good time guys
  10. Sniper


    @Chris can you please confirm - is auto blip going to be allowed?
    It has never been disallowed in the past as it carries a weight penalty
  11. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    I'll do some testing tomorrow. If a weight penalty is in fact given, then yes it'll be allowed, but if there is no weight penalty, then it won't be allowed.

    How do we know which assists carry weight penalties and which ones don't?
  12. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    It would seem that auto blip does add a weight penalty, but again, I'll do some running tomorrow to find out just how much of a difference it makes in laptime. It may give an unfair advantage even with the weight penalty.
  13. Sniper


    Just did some testing and i am 0.5 slower consistently with auto blip on so its practice time blipping for me
  14. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Okay mate :)
    I'd still like to do some testing tomorrow anyway :)
  15. Sniper


    OH that's on oulton park so may be more at adelaide
  16. Otune

    SpeedyMite Racing Premium

    Hi @Chris, is it ok to sign up as a reserve driver if I'm not sure of my availability on race days? I didn't want to sign up earlier as I may have to miss many rounds, but would it be ok to sign up as a reserve and potentially miss a round even if a slot opened up for me?
  17. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Yes that's fine :)
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  18. Otune

    SpeedyMite Racing Premium

    Nice, thanks :)

    Also, am I able to submit a skin as a reserve driver? I'd like to but I understand if you don't want the skin pack too bloated.
  19. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Of course you can :)
    The more the merrier :)
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  20. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Just done a few laps with Auto-blip turned ON, and I really can't tell that it does anything in this car? I downshift and it just spins out. Is there a way to actually get it to automatically blip the throttle when I downshift?