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RDSCS S1 - Stock Car Series (ARCA Sim Racing)

Discussion in 'ARCA Sim Racing' started by Bram, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Apart from the new logo, not much to chat about (yet) :)
  2. Hehe, was expecting this somehow. Events seem to be going well... Best of luck with the league, I should look into ARCA in the future :)
  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Why wait for the future when you can have it now :)
  4. €45 isn't something I have at the moment. :)

    Besides, I am already in 2 leagues, and possibly 3 (Le Mans).

    You think a Crazy Irishman will like ARCA?
  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    This nutty cheesehead from the lowlands likes it too, so why not an irishman :)
  6. And the eskimo from the northpole :):):)
  7. Hehe, someday I will buy it and join a few club events to gain experience. Perhaps after exams. Besides, busy with RBR and GTR at the mo :)
  8. Cheesehead?? You mean Fish/DolphinHead Bram.
  9. 35 euros mate,49.50$,and honestly you won't regret it ;),btw i'm happy to see the paddock open!
  10. Yeah, Marc. you should'nt regret it if you buy now!!

    the group is a very fun and friendly group. Yet hardcore to the finish. It's great!!:glasses-cool:
  11. when will we know the date of start of the season?
  12. yes i can't wait! :D
  13. Yay, and the nutty beer drinker not far below the nutty cheesehead, also from the lowlands, likes it too!
    It's strange how turning left can be sooooo interesting! :)

    Everything still quiet... I think they wanna reach a certain number. We should lobby some more on other servers out there maybe. Bring some more in here.
  14. lets wait with the league there are major problems with the leverage grrrr:( :p:p
  15. it has been quiet as the organizer has been out to much in sun sand & beautiful women...but now is back :)
  16. Is it not a idea. To race with teams?
  17. RDSCS S1 - Absences

    Absence are to be reported in the GPCOS
    Go to here for the GPCOS
  18. RDSCS S1 - Liveries & Painting


    What is this?
    This is the RDSCS Liveries & Painting thread. Here you will find all the information you require to produce your car liveries for the league. Read it carefully as all liveries that will not meet the requirements will be refused. It's the responsibility of the Driver to produce the livery package before the deadline.

    January 17th 2010 @ 23:59 GMT

    All livery packages must be submitted in this thread in the following form. All submitted posts must have the driver name for title.

    There are no real requirements for the skin. The only thing we ask the drivers to put the RD logo or banner on the car somewhere.

    How to skin?
    Read this thread for skinning guide in ARCA

    RDSCS Skinpack
    It's the responsibility of the driver to make sure to get and install the RDSCS skinpack before the first race of the season. The skinpack will be released around 1 or 2 weeks before the start of the season via this thread.

    Download link: Click Here

    For further information or questions use this thread or contact Christopher Aponte
  19. RDSCS S1 - Intro & Info (Start Here!)


    Video is made by Tim Hogendoorn​

    League: RaceDepartment Stock Car Series
    Season: 1 (2010)
    Game Required: ARCA Sim Racing
    Current Number of Divisions: 1 Division (43 Drivers)

    The biggest American motorsports form is finally arriving at Race Department. Welcome to Race Department Stock Car Series, where the cars run most of the schedule on fast and challenging ovals. Although it may seem simple to just turn left. It requires to be more precise with your racing if you want to go fast with a big block of a car.

    Available Cars


    • Round 1
    Daytona 250
    Track: Daytona International Speedway
    Date: February 1 2010
    Number of Laps: 100
    Day or Night racing: Day to night (Starting time 4:00 PM ingame with 5x time scale)

    • Round 2
    Milwaukee 80
    Track: Milwaukee Mile
    Date: February 15 2010
    Number of Laps: 80
    Day or Night racing: Daytime

    • Round 3
    Pocono 150
    Track: Pocono
    Date: March 1 2010
    Number of Laps: 60
    Day or Night racing: Daytime (starting 4pm ingame)

    • Round 4
    RD presents: Right Turns do exist
    Track: New Jersey Motorsports Park
    Date: March 15 2010
    Number of Laps: 35-45 laps TBA
    Day or Night racing: Daytime

    • Round 5
    RD Rumble in the Bowl 100
    Track: Toledo
    Date: March 29 2010
    Number of Laps: 100
    Day or Night racing: Day/night (7:00 pm starting time)

    • Round 6
    Michigan 160
    Track: Michigan
    Date: April 12 2010
    Number of Laps: 80
    Day or Night racing: Day

    • Round 7
    RD Finale 250
    Track: Daytona
    Date: April 26 2010
    Number of Laps: 100
    Day or Night racing: Day to Night

    Session Info
    Start time: 20:00 GMT
    Practice: 30 min
    Qualification: 15 minutes (superpole with 2 timed laps)
    Warm-up: 5 minutes
    Race: number of laps of each round

    As it's a driver championship only its up to the driver to sign up himself and be responsible for his presence at each round of the championship. Before you sign up for the league i would like you to make sure you'll be present for each round. The league owner ( Christopher Aponte ) have the right to denied an applicant or might ask the applicant to run a trial race to see if you can keep the car on the track for a certain period of time, its not about fast lap time but just being able to keep the car on the track.

    Each drivers has to provide its own liveries. It is the responsibility of the drivers to make sure the liveries are delivered in time.
    Please read the instructions in the Liveries & Painting thread before delivering the livery.

    Download skinpack here

    To Enter the League
    Click here to enter

    Driver entries: Still Open
    Livery delivery: Still open

    To Report
    Contact Christopher Aponte

    Contact Christopher Aponte
  20. RDSCS S1 - News

    What is this?

    This is the News thread for the RaceDepartment Stock Car Series. Here all important updates and announcement of the league will be made. Keep a close eye on this thread so you don't miss out on important changes.

    The news will be posted by the staff.
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