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RD's iRacing Sunday club now taking sign-ups for its new year event at Spa

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kevin Watts, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Kickstart 2011 with a bang! With Rudolph, Prancer and Dancer taking a well deserved rest in the new year its time to Dasher and Blitzen around SPA Francorchamps in the Corvette C6R. RaceDepartment's first iRacing Sunday Club event of 2011 takes place on January 2nd and is open to all licensed RaceDepartment members. Don't be a Grinch, sign up now!


    Details can be found in this thread in the RaceDepartment iRacing Club forum.
  2. So privately held sessions like this I can just buy the upgrade and will be good to race? I am very new to iracing so just curious :) I thought I had to earn experience points before I could race in series like this..
  3. As long as you own the car and track in iRacing and you are a licensed member at RaceDepartment you can take part, your iRacing rating does not affect participation in hosted events. Come and join in!
  4. Ryan,

    If it was in an official iRacing series, you would need to earn the appropriate license to be able to race.

    As the RD iRacing Club use the hosted sessions, your license level is irrelevant, as the sessions are unofficial, so as long as you have the car/tack combo's that RD will be using, you will be good to join up and come and race.

  5. Very cool except $14 for 1 car, cough..

    I have read that Spa has some FPS issues as well and I am currently only turning about 35-55fps on lime-rock & Laguna so I am not sure yet but thanks for the invitation.. :)