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RDRC - Suggestions

Discussion in 'RD Rally Championship' started by Rick Bamford, Aug 17, 2010.

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  1. In the interests of always improving our product, this thread has been created to offer somewhere to make suggestions of ways to make it better.

    Constructive ideas and ways to improve the Championship will always be appreciated.

    Please do not use this thread to complain about something, PM me if you have an issue.
  2. I was thinking about the team championship due to this thread :

    That means that if 2 premier league drivers are the best in the premier league, finish always 1st and 2nd or 1st and 3rd in the premier league. It would be difficult for the teams with a Class A and premier league to be competitive against them in the team championship.
  3. Yes
  4. Maybe something that can be added for this season or a next one, is to be able to have more that 2 drivers by team. With some drivers in the A league and some in the premier league.
    And the team manager will have to tell before each event the drivers that will score for the team championship.

    Advantage : if a team have a league A driver and a premier league driver. If the premier league driver is good and win a rally or finish in the Top 5 several times, he will be moved automatically to the league A, so the team can no more score 2 times by event in the team championship.
    The team manager can choose a league A driver or not for the team championship (for example 2 premier league drivers)

    Disadvantage : team manager have to give the name of the drivers before each race (not a big work)
    The admin have to make more work for the team championship.

    EDIT : maybe with a limit of 4 drivers by team for example.
  5. Well Seb, I will open this to public debate to see what the drivers want.

    But for me, I don't think a team should consist of more than two drivers. what would be a maximum? I hated it when it happened in the WRC and I don't want it here. I don't think it helps with the competition, it just means more people per team and less teams competing.

    But I don't own the championship, lets hear what the people want.
  6. My initial thoughts:
    I prefer the current arrangements with two drivers per team only.

    1. I don't think our Rally community is big enough to support larger teams, and I'd prefer to see more teams rather than a few large teams.
    2. I think the larger and interchangeable team idea as described by Seb may give a bigger advantage to a larger team of top drivers. Sure, the current plan may disadvantage a team comprising two top drivers, but I think the Team competition should be something that encourages and rewards the efforts of some of the lower ranked drivers. It will give them more interest and a better chance for higher points. The top drivers will be dominating the individual Championships, so I would hope that the Teams placings might give the lesser skilled drivers something to aim for and enjoy.

    Just my personal views.
  7. Thought of adding the manufacturer points, but that didn't really work; almost half the field is in a Subaru :love: :D

    Then averaged the manufacturer points per driver. Should I include this in the standings too, or is it completely pointless?

  8. Just this once, it would be useful Senad, cos for the first time ever, the Renault is gonna be leading something!
  9. We should start signing up for each rally independent like in real when drivers have to sign just for one event and then next and next to get points :)
  10. Why do we have Champions League points table but not Premier? ( only Outright ) Also i think we should have included ALL the drivers in points table, not just those who scored points. In this current form many drivers who may never score a single point will never see where they stand with all the other non-scoring drivers. Thats a bit discouraging, not being able to see if you are making any proggress in championship.

    Other way of doing this is to change the point scoring system to include as many driver as possible. With so many drivers this session ( and maybe even more next ) we really should think how to make it interesting for ALL, not just the fast guys.

    What do you ( Rick, Senad, Lukasz ) think about it?
  11. we have decided that changing score system during the season isnt really good idea... But we are thinking of it for next seasons...
    It wasnt really designed for this number of participant, but it wasnt expectable :) Also as it stays right now, it allows drivers to fight for positions even if they miss some of rounds more than before, it adds something else to the atmosphere but this last note is only my personal feelings...

    I am subscribing under the points table change though, you've got a point
  12. We have the default, outright standings, with all drivers. And a separate championship for people in slower cars, who won't get to outright points often. No point to have a third table, I believe?

    Yes, I know, all drivers will be included in the results for round 2.
    Been meaning to get the list of all participants from Lukasz, but kept forgetting about it.
  13. At least adding ALL drivers to the points table ( with their respectable position ) is easy done and wont interfere with anything. This can be done right now, and it will add something to aim for for all the non point scoring drivers.
  14. Like I said:
  15. I know, we posted at the same time :D
  16. This ^.

    It is possible, but considering the size of the field (around 50 drivers) it probably won't be done in a proper way (e.g. with keeping track of number of 2nds, 3rds, 17ths, 125ths etc.). I presume it would be sorted in the default order of entry list for those with 0 points, so that brings us back to square 1. Of course a table filled with positions (like on wiki) looks pretty neat, but the functionality aint there, and that's why FIA/WIKI does the same thing too (listing only drivers with >0 points). Our "books" are a tad too simple to handle it automatically :).

    There was an idea to increase the number of scored drivers to 15 or 20; now that's been brought up here - do many of you feel that we should do this? It's still early in the league...
  17. I third in changing the scoring points, so that the "human" drivers will have at lease a fight to get some score on the board, it will be interesting and we wont loss hope and just stop participating because [insert thinking] "whats my purpose here, yes to have fun but having no goal is no fun" sometimes[out thinking] "goal- to score points" so.. "whats the point if I cant even reach the time those fast guys are making..its impossible".

    Lukasz is right, up to 15th place or can be even 20th so it would be half the playing field that will have a point to score, it may not look like the official wrc scoring points but we are all here to have fun and competition, wheres the fun at if 80% of the time you only see the same names having a score and having "fun" fighting for some points.

  18. Easiest way to solve how to sort out drivers without points is to sort them in order of their highest finishing position.
  19. I'm against this kind of mid-season changes in general. This is an issue of course, but it should've been pointed out before season start.

    I don't really know if that's a matter of pace, because you can be slow and still score points. I noticed the gaps are huge even within the top 10, in Group N the gap between 1st and 10th was almost 10 minutes. Every single driver between 8th and last had at least a red inked time. This means that almost whoever achieves to do a clean rally with no retirement and few CFHs can score points in theory.

    That's what I've always done while doing league standings too.
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